Saturday, June 21, 2014

Socks and More Socks? Yep, and a doll blanket!

Looks like a pattern. Socks and a Sweater...Socks and a Bracelet...Socks and More Socks! But I think this is the last of my "Socks" posts, at least for awhile. There's a limit to how many socks any knitter can knit (or even just finish up) in a week's time, after all! Even though my friends say that I am a fast knitter, it still takes me a week or longer to knit the average pair of socks (women's medium, or so), but little socks do go much quicker! Like these little socks (maybe they are slippers?) for Peanut...they took about three days.

I realized, as I was working the heel on sock #2, that I had totally messed up the OMG Heel on sock #1, making it rather "pointy" for a heel...

Eventually it was all good. Turns out that it takes about 2.5-3 hours for me to untie all the knots, un-weave-in the ends, pick out a sewn bind off, rip back the sock to the beginning of the heel, and re-knit said heel, plus 24 rounds of sock and bind off again. Oh, and then weave in those ends...again. Still, it was good, and at the end of knit night (on Thursday), I was ready to post a third pair of stripey socks to the blog this week! Yay!

I do still have to add the non-skid to the bottoms of them, but all the knitting is done, and this makes me happy. =D Now, while I wait for the non-skid to dry, I guess I'll do some work on the Doll Blanket I started on Friday. 

Wanna hear the story? Of course you do. 

On our last visit, as we were packing up, Peanut asked what we were knitting (just like she asked when we made a kitty toy at my house). I asked her what she thought it should be, and she decided that Anna and Elsa needed a blanket, and that's what it should be. This sounded reasonable, so I told her that I would take it home and finish the blanket, and then send it to her from my house in Ohio, and she seemed satisfied. 

Then she said, "You know what else?"
"You can knit me a Belle doll, and then send it to me, too."

It was so matter-of-fact. So innocent. So adorable! But first things first...when I finish the blanket, then I'll start planning the Belle doll. Maybe along the way I'll cast on another pair of socks? I do seem to be obsessed with socks lately!

Thanks for stopping by to hear the stories of more socks...and a doll blanket! What are you knitting this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope that you will Knit in Good Health!

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