Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here, Knitty Kitty!

You know that my darling Peanut is in town, so you also know that there has been quite a bit of this going on...

And that led to the inevitable question, "What is it, Gammy?"
"What do you think it should be, Peanut?"
"I think the kitty like a toy!"
"Should we knit her a kitty?"
"Yes! Knit a kitty! Knit a kitty!"

So, we did.
"We knitted a kitty for dem kitties, Gammy!"

It's a fun and easy pattern, and there are lots of variations. I didn't really follow the actual pattern, per se, because we were knitting a square before I thought of it at all...but I did follow the diagrams for sewing this cutie up, and I used some math to make sure the ratios were just right...I love knitting maths! Anyway, I also don't think I sewed the head on quite like the pattern suggested, but still, it's a knitted kitty...and White Cat

and Black Cat

seem to love it! (How freaky are Black Cat's eyes when I use the flash? shudder!)

Yes, they love it so much, that it is covered in cat hair, and granddog hair, and people hair, and the kitties are tossing it about every chance they can!

Perhaps I should have gone a little lighter on the catnip? Nah! Where's the fun in that?

I hope that you are getting your Recommended Daily Allowance of catnip and knitting these days! Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health! Meee-owww!

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  1. I love it! And it does have a striking resemblance to its catsake.