Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Socks and a Bracelet? I Suppose So...

So, last Thursday, one of the gals in our knitting group offered to teach us the art of braided jewelry (with or without BEADS!) called Kumihimo, which I had never heard of. I think I declared at some point that I just really don't need any more hobbies, but I watched Connieb125 and Mikki522 with some interest all evening. Still, I did not have a burning desire to play with string and beads and braids...I don't even wear jewelry usually! Besides, I had these socks to knit on...

At the end of knitting, Connieb125 mentioned that she had some extra disks...did anyone want to take one? Pretty? "No thanks," said I, just before I took one. Doomed. I was doomed from the start. And over the weekend, I made this:

I have absolutely no resolve. I am the poster child for the dangers of peer pressure (as it relates to craft addictions, anyway). I may or may not have bought more beads since Thursday...and a small bead spinner (it was on clearance!)...and maybe some crimp ends. Yeah, I have no resolve whatsoever, and now I also have about a ga-jillion new craft supplies. 

It's a good thing that I don't mind being doomed (too much). Are you also doomed? Who is your master enabler? One of mine is surely Connieb125, and I love her for it!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit (and Craft) in Good Health!

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  1. My favorite enablers tend to be the best of the yarn store owners. And some not so local... I love Antonio of Malabrigo when he comes to Stitches from Uruguay--nice guy. (Here, try THIS new yarn! Sure!)