Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Here are a few of the alternate post titles I considered for today's blog:

What was I thinking?!?
Sick! I am just sick over this!
Something in Red (part 2)
Doomed Knitting
Failures in knitting. . .
Something in Red (final)
Lifeline,. . .do I have a lifeline?
Never again, Cotton Lace!
Why Brides should not wear red. . .

Oh, the list goes on and on really. . .but I suppose I will stop there.

On Monday evening, I sneezed, and 5 stitches leaped off of my needles. I was able to recover each and every one of them, despite the fact that this cotton is very slippery. However, in picking up the stitches on row three of the ruffle hem, I realized that I had dropped stitches in about three places on the red shawl for the wedding. Remember the 6 rows of 1198 stitches in that pattern? Yeah, I was on row 3 of that. . .and the stitches had been dropped far enough back that they had unraveled into the lace yarnovers. . .and I tried to pick them up and make the necessary repairs. . .and I thought about ripping back to the one lifeline I had placed somewhere around row 40. . .there it is, the blue and white lifeline that I eventually just yanked out entirely. . .
. . .but by the time I had unraveled about halfway to the lifeline (there are a total of 89 rows in this shawl, and I was on row 87 when I found the "holes" that were beyond my fixability level), and by the time I started really pulling out the stitches, I realized that I was done. "Oh, FROG* it!," is what I think I said, but my husband insists that my language was somewhat stronger (and probably louder) than I had intended.

The first time I knit Bella, I loved her. I struggled with 6 rows of 1198 stitches each, but I loved her. I loved the wool and silk yarn, with just enough "sticky" to hold stitches if I moved (or sneezed), and I still love the off-white beauty she has become.

I do not love Bella in red. I do not love Bella in cotton.

I love the bride, but I cannot keep up the facade of loving this shawl.

Mother-of-the-Bride Fails, story at 11. . .

Oh, yeah, while I was frogging Bella, I also frogged my second Spring Garden Tee. . .ugh! Still love both patterns. Still love both yarns. Monday was simply not a good knitting night.

I think I'll go knit socks.

Don't cry for me, Argentina. . .Knit in Good Health instead. . .

*For my non-knitting friends and family, who may not know, Froging is what happens when you unravel a piece of knitting quickly.

You rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. . .and wind the yarn into a ball, weeping quietly on some occasions.


  1. Oh Pam! How traqgic!!! Will you be casting on for the red shawl?

    Good luck friend...

  2. OHH man holy cow, that sucks!! I gasped outloud when I saw you frogged!

  3. Now I get it. I really must start reading your blog before knitting on Thursdays! Yikes, that is horrible, terrible and very disturbing. Darn that slippery yarn!

  4. Thank you, friends. It was just tragic. I am not knitting a red shawl, and I am not dyeing the other one. The truth of the matter, which the bride told me months ago, is that an August bride simply does NOT need a shawl...
    maybe a garter?