Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something in Red (part 1)

She wants to wear something in red,
Like the red of the roses she'll hold.
She wants to wear something in red,
Like the red of her cheeks in the cold.
She wants to wear something in red,
As she promises to have and to hold. . .

I don't normally think of red as a wedding color. Hmmm, that's not entirely true. . .let me try again. Ahem!

I don't normally think of red as a color a Bride would wear on her wedding day. I think of white, and silver, and perhaps a blush pink or something blue, but never red.

Red on the bridesmaids? Absolutely stunning!

Red on the flower girl? Sure! Just look at this bolero I knit for a very special young lady to wear as she scatters petals before the bride's walk down the aisle!

But on the bride? Hmmm. That truly stretches me. Of course, it is not my wedding, and I am not the bride, and it will not be my day. Therefore, I am going to knit her something in Red, and I hope that she will like it. But for right now, in this quiet of the day, I am going to sit in a big comfy place. . .

. . .and simply contemplate something in red. . .on the bride. . .on her wedding day. . .and I will try not to freak out. It is a stretch for me, but then, I hear stretching is good for you. :o)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health (in any color you please)!


  1. The shawl will be beautiful and dollface will look stunning!

    plus the chair counter is adorable!

  2. She will be lovely. There are those that will say something, but they would say something no matter what you did, so just ignore them. Who knows, you may start a trend.

  3. What gorgeous knitting. The wedding will be too!

  4. It's beautiful! So exciting to have a fun wedding coming up.

  5. As Andrea said, it will give people something to talk about. Like how beautiful the bride is. How clever the mother of the bride is to (a) knit a red beautiful shawl, or (b) what an amazing dye job the MOB did on said shawl. No matter how you look at it, bride will glow, MOB will come out smelling like a rose, and people will talk.

    We went to a wedding last fall, may-december type wedding, it was lovely, the bride's parents missed a wonderful moment in their child's life by refusing to attend. The first dance of bride/groom? Let's Give Them Something to Talk About.

  6. I'll echo all the others and say Dollface will be beautiful and any shawl you make will only showcase that more. And the more this knitting stretches your thinking, the more you show your love for her and willingness to make her day perfect.

    And, I love the cute chair marker. Adorable! Wish I had that chair to curl up in myself!