Pretty Knitty Jewelry

Once upon a time, Pretty decided to make some knitting accessories, open an Etsy shop and blog about the whole experience!  Three years, and many sales later, she looked back to see that this had been a fun and wild ride! I remember that first sale like it was yesterday...the waiting for it, then the email notification, then the celebration...thanking my cheerleaders, and dancing around the living room while I packaged the order and happily mailed it off! Over time, though, the luster faded.

When I started Pretty Knitty Jewelry, I was looking for something to fill my time while I watched my daughter get ready to fly from our nest, and I worried about an upcoming deployment for my Army boy.  The Etsy shop was just the thing to both engage my creative side, and also fill up some of the worry time and keep me sane. It was good for a season, as so many things in life are.

These days, Dollface and Mork are both married, but still a big part of our lives, along with our grandchildren and granddogs! My "day job" is busier than ever, and while I still love to create (with yarn and clay and wire and beads and whatever I can get my hands on) I found that I was no longer excited about keeping up with the ins and the outs of an online shop, so it was time to say "good-bye."

Closing the shop was like the end of a friendship, but not really.  I still create. I still knit and blog and continue to be Pretty!  Thanks for stopping by, and please stay.  I have so much more to blog about!!!