Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take a Little Trip With Me...

Over the weekend, while the cats were blogging, Sweetie and I took a little road trip. We like to do that whenever we can, especially if there are granddaughters at our final destination! This trip was no exception, and (although they did not know that we were was a surprise) the girls were pretty excited to see us...

They had been at a party when we rolled up to the house, so we unpacked and "rested our eyes" for a few moments before they arrived home. It's a good thing we had a little rest, because the rest of our weekend was a whirlwind of activity!

There was golf for Pop Pop and Daddy, while the girls and I went to the playground. They were not as impressed with my ability to swing them so very evenly and get the shot...and I think the big one said, "What are you doing, Gwamma? And why aren't you pushing us???"

One of my goals for the weekend was to get a family picture of the four of them. When we left to come home, I was a little sad that it hadn't come to pass. But, as I was going through the photos from the trip, I realized that I did get one photo of all four of them, quite by accident.

Peanut went to her first dance on Saturday night...with a boy! She and her very handsome Dad went to a Father/Daughter dance, and all the requisite pre-dance photos were taken by Mom and Grandma. We even got the out-of-doors, pre-dance photos, complete with dogs in the background, wondering when they will get to go to a dance...

When the cats saw that one, they laughed out loud. "Dogs don't dance! Silly dogs..." I laughed when I saw the tie! We bought that one for him when he was in jr. high or high school, and I can still remember tying a full windsor knot for him the first time he wore it. I also remember that he never untied that knot. He just slipped the tie over his head every time he wore it. I wonder if that is still the same knot...

Anyhoo, while Peanut and her daddy were at the dance, we got some one-on-one time with the littlest Sweet Pea! There were snuggles, deep conversation and lots of laughs!

We went to the playground, and she just ate up all of our attention!

Bonus, a little later in the weekend, Peanut decided to sit down with her knitting. 

She's still not quite there with her stitches, but she sure loves yarn and spending time knitting with Gramma. The stitches will come, in time. For now, we'll concentrate on our selfies and popsicles! These tiny people really know how to rock the selfie!

In between selfies and knitting, there was lots of playtime in the backyard, 

and daily walks to the park...sometimes twice in one day! Look...she's helping him push her sister! 

Now that we are back in our home state, back to work, and back to the regular stuff of life, Pop Pop and I will have to be content with photos to share with friends. I'm sure we will see them again soon, and I look forward to our next visit, whether it is here or there. Regardless of the location, I am sure that the smiles will be plentiful, and I know that the love will flow as freely as ever. 

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. There is nothing in the world so joyful as grandchild/grandparent time. So cool!