Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturdays Are For...

White Cat: Saturdays can be glorious, don't you agree?

Black Cat: I dunno...what are they good for?

White Cat: Well, there are morning naps...

Oh, and afternoon naps!

Black Cat: Yes! And cat naps, where you cuddle up to your best friend!

White Cat: Don't forget playtime...

Black Cat: Playtime?

White Cat: Sure! We play all the time! Don't we?!?

Black Cat (With a heavy sigh and the silent thought, "How will I ever get her OUT of my space on the couch?"): Yeah, we "play."

White Cat: What? We don't play? What would you call it?

Black Cat: Whatever it is, it's better on Saturday afternoon!

White Cat: Yeah, it is. Except when Pretty finishes things. Look what she's done to me!!!

Black Cat: Wow. Bummer. I'm outta here.

Pretty: Have you two been blogging again? (sigh!)

Well, friends, looks like another chapter from the cat files. I hope they haven't said anything I'll regret! In any case, thanks for stopping by to see us. Now, on with your Saturday...and I Hope it is glorious!

Knit in Good Health!

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