Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Peanut Fun and Spinning

My friend Jeanne (of Life in Cleveland, you might have seen her blog mentioned on!), and some of my other friends with little kids, have been giving me great ideas about things to do with Peanut while she is in town! I am eternally grateful, and I wish we had time (and enough vacation days) to take her to all the must do places! Even though we couldn't do them all, last week we went to the zoo, and yesterday we visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens! Peanut loved the flowers...she loves to smell flowers...

...and she liked the "baby frog" too..."I like baby frog. You like Pop Pop frog, Pop Pop?"...he even caught the frog so she could get a closer look!

She actually held the tiny frog for a second, but my camera was not that fast! Still, I did manage to snap a quick shot of her harvesting lettuce and spinach in the Children's Garden...

Then gobbling them up...she LOVES her veggies!

And then there was the water...

...Oh, the water!

What a fun morning! All that fun was followed by a fairly long nap (she was pooped!!), so I took the opportunity to do a little spinning...there was this batt from my friends at That'll Do Farm:

And my new Seven Yaks spindle, and I am now up to about 17g spun into singles!

When I fell into bed last night, I couldn't help but smile at the memories of that amazing day! How am I going to concentrate on work today?!? Maybe I'll just have to bring some spinning or knitting out to center myself...?

Hmmm... You're probably right. I should just work on my work. Bummer.
But there's always knit night tomorrow, and maybe a sleepover visit on Friday! Surely this high can last me until Friday... =D

What's keeping you going this week?