Saturday, June 1, 2013

Toddler Fun and One-Hundred-and-One!

While you were reading the blog on Wednesday, you know...the one about Saturday's outing to Wool-a-Palpooza? While you were reading that, the Pretties were on another outing! We took Peanut to the zoo, and we all had a blast! We brought along our wagon, so that sweet girl would have a nice ride through the place, but instead, she decided to work on her upper body strength for most of the day.

Well, in all fairness to a well-balanced exercise routine, she also worked the legs...running so Auntie Dollface would chase her, and climbing all the rocks she could find!

Of course we also saw some gorillas, deep in thought...

Lions, resting cat-nap style in the hot, hot sun...

And monkeys, doing mostly what monkeys do, and thankfully NOT doing anything naughty that Pop Pop and Gramma might have to explain!

We even stopped for a bit to re-fuel...carb loading for all the running to come!

We spent about three hours at the zoo, and we were all pretty tired by the time we got back to the Party Car, so some of us snoozed while Pop Pop drove us all was a great day! 

After Peanut went home, I started to take stock of my knitting...did I have anything I wanted to work on? Or was I just too tired after all the sun and walking and toddler-chasing? No, I wanted to knit, so I pulled out the had been awhile since I had taken inventory, and there really seemed to be a bunch of them in the bowl!

So, I counted. Then I counted again...could it be? Was it true that the one I was working on was #101?!? You know what? It was!!!

Not only was it #101, it was also knit out of my handspun!!! Which led me into a hands-held-high chorus of 
     Handspun 101! Handspun 101! 
     I knit number 101 
     out of my own Handspun!

Which led Pop Pop to walk out of the room, shaking his head and mumbling something that sounded a little like, "Just settle down..." I mean, I am sure that my sweetie is just as excited as I am that I have passed the 100 puff point in this project, he's just a little more subdued than Pretty...right?!? 

Either way, I'm pretty excited, and yay! Just YAY!!! Toddler fun and one-hundred-and-one is a great way to spend a week!

How did you spend your last few days?


  1. 101, wow! If I'd been there I'd have danced with you, and PopPop could have rolled his eyes at both of us.

  2. There's nothing in the world like getting to spend time with a young child. Magical!

  3. Congrats! What are you making with these hexipuffs? I saw the Ravelry link but they didn't show any 'finished project' pictures that weren't just, well, hexipuffs. Are they going to be put together into a blanket? I'm not sure I'd have the stamina for that much knitting. I like knitting but my hands don't so I haven't made much beyond scarfs and baby booties, lol (I'm Guaharibo on Ravelry)

    1. Here's a link to the blanket that is the basis for my hexipuffs!