Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday night's alright for...

As the song goes, Saturday night's alright for fighting. In my world, however, Saturday night is only good for Saturdays have been super busy lately, and I have been dog-tired at the end of the day! In fact, they have been so busy that I have been writing the blog in advance, and barely finding time to post a link on Facebook when it actually goes live! This is ironic, because my last few weekend blog posts have suggested that I am enjoying a leisurely spring, full of handknitting, spinning and napping! Despite that, two Saturdays ago, I managed 5 loads of laundry (including hanging all of it out to dry on the line), a 7 mile walk/run with my hubby and daughter, dinner with Snake and Dollface, and then an evening of cards and laughter! All of that, and I blogged about lazy naps and slackers.

Then last Saturday, I posted about a Super Baby on the way, and a little bit of knitting that I got into the mail for his new mommy and daddy. There was also a LOT of talk about watching TV and general laziness...but when the blog went live, I was actually finished with 3 loads of laundry, and I was on my way to Dollface's college graduation (magna cum laude, not too shabby!). Those of you who know me in real life have seen this photo, but please indulge me anyway? Thanks.

After the driving, and the picture taking, and the waiting, and the knitting,

and the waiting, and the phone reading and games,

and the commencement ceremony, and the picture taking,

and the driving, and the celebration dinner, we finally got home so that I could clean the house and start the preparations to have everyone over for Mother's Day/Congratulations to Dollface on Sunday! Oh, and Sweetie and I did our walk/run for the weekend, too (on a full stomach...this was not wise, by the way, but I survived). I slept hard last Saturday night!

Next Saturday is The annual Wool-A-Palooza in my neck of the woods, so it promises to be another day of on-my-feet and busy, but I am really looking forward to it. I don't think there are words strong enough to express how much I am looking forward to this day of yarn and fiber, food and friends! But for today, I think I will actually try to sit a bit. I don't know if it will work, but I am going to give it my best shot! Maybe, after today's walk/run I can even finish that Gemini...wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by my busy blogworld today! I hope that you get to put your feet up a bit this weekend, and that you will Knit in Good Health through it all!

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