Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Enablers Weekend...

The first knitting blog post after Wool-A-Palooza is traditionally dedicated to the flashing of stash acquired at the fairgrounds, but this year I dedicate this post to my ENABLING FRIENDS!  While I did not acquire as much yarn and fiber this year as I have in years past, I did get a few amazing things...but I had an absolute blast hanging out with some of my favorite enablers of all time!
Just WHO are you calling an enabler, Pretty?!?
Who am I calling enablers?  Well, first let's call Jenny out...look at her, encouraging even the First-Years...
Brenda loves to shop, and I think she had fun!
Oh, and who else but an enabler waits in line with you at a favorite booth for half an hour to check out, shopping right up until the purchase point?  That's right, it's enabler Annie!
Deciding how many colors she "needs" in her stash...
Don't get me wrong...I love them for the enabling!  You see, I am what you might call "shopping challenged" (though not nearly as challenged this year as in years past).  I have a tendency to pick up an item, consider it for a while, then just decide that I don't really "need" I put it down and walk away, looking back wistfully, saddened by my own frugality.  I need the enabling, or at least a little peer pressure, to help me get my shop on!  So, thank you Michelle for making the first purchase of the day!
Mini skein for hexipuffs...I wonder if any
of us will actually knit that pattern...
And thank you Jenny, for asking the hard questions,...
How could ANYONE not buy yarn here?!?
...and for making me feel really good about my restraint, especially at the Pollywogs booth, with all that Lamb's Pride!
Ooooh!  Pretty!
It was a lovely day, hot but not too hot, and we laughed and took pictures and bought yarn and other items!  
Wow!  That's one happy knitter!
Lest you might think that my knittahs and I are the only enablers out there, we even took photos of total strangers, to prove that we are part of a larger knitting enablers community than you might have guessed...
Knitters, "in the wild"...
(I did tell these ladies that they would be in the blog, but I didn't get their names...I hope I run into them again someday.  I think we'd be friends...look at all the Lamb's Pride they are purchasing!)  Overall, the event was a really fun time.  Fiber and yarn at the fairgrounds, with a fair atmosphere and fair food, and the fairest friends of them's no wonder that I'm still smiling on Wednesday!  Oh, and I also have this new stash to smile about:
Textured cotton for a tank or two, sock yarn for another hitchhiker,
pins from Gita Maria's beautiful collection, beads for my new
Pandora bracelet, and some fiber for spinning...Yay!
Until next time, I will be fighting the urge to cast on a cotton tank top and a new hitchhiker...and to get out the spindle again for this gorgeous mohair blend fiber...  Hey, where are all my enablers?  Should I keep fighting, or just dive right into it all?!?

I hope that you had a lovely holiday weekend, and if you knit, I hope that you get to a few festivals through the summer this year.  This one is always on Memorial Day weekend, so mark your calendar for 2013, even if you missed t last won't be sorry!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. So glad you shared the experience with those of us who missed it this year. Super excited that I will be there next year!


  2. Dive in Dive in Dive in!! Shouts the bestest enabler of them all! LOL!

    It was an awesome day! So much fun and great times with friends!!

    and for those hexipuffs....only time will tell...