Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well, It's About Time. . .

Some time ago, I saw something that piqued my interest, and I added it to the sidebar of my blog. The Get the Crap Out Challenge is a necessary, but apparently not mandatory, challenge for Pretty to take, so she did. However, despite some early progress, the efforts have kind of fizzled. . .until last weekend. . .and really, it's about time that I get back to it!

Now, please do not misunderstand. I did not blow through the Pretty Knitty house mercilessly de-stashing and getting rid of all my junk and unnecessary, knicky-knacky stuff like I had originally intended, but Sweetie and I did move some furniture in the basement. . .and, as long as I was already pretty sweaty and dirty, I figured that I'd re-organize my craft stuff. . .WOW!What you can't see in that picture is that most of my things are still stuffed-and-stashed into whatever space I could fit them into the last time I re-organized! It looks nicer, because the movement enabled me to stack similar sized storage bins, moving everything up, up and away, and off of the floor, creating the illusion of a neater room. . .and you know what? I am totally ok with that! And I'm kind of excited that my sewing machine has claimed a space where it is actually "out" and ready to use, rather than being stashed under stuff on a table tucked behind another piece of furniture. Actually, that's one of the most exciting highlights of my weekend cleaning!

The other is this, and it's also about time:It's a poem I found when I moved to a different room later in the week, and I started clearing some bookshelves. Written when the kids were in elementary school and our lives were a different kind of crazy busy, I leaked a little, and I laughed a lot when I read it.

It's kind of hard to read in the pic, but here is the poem:

Time With Mom

It won't be ready in time
And I'm sure it will cost more than a dime
Have you ever committed a crime?

It's getting fixed at the shop
Perhaps it's taken one too many a drop
Do we have any pop?

We know how much you like that watch of yours
much more than a bunch of wild boars
Our house has a broken door*

This way you won't have to depend on a clock
You won't have to listen to tick or to tock
We know a guy named Tak*

We appreciate the time you spend on us Mom
You're the
Your love is more powerful than a bomb

It is signed "Dad," "Army Boy," and "Dollface S.", because of course there were several Dollfaces in her classes at school, and she always signed with her last initial! Taking the time to get some crap out last week sure did bring back a lovely, and slightly Seuss-like, memory. . .a birthday where they really thought about what I wanted, and they took my favorite watch to the jeweler's to have it repaired. They knew how much I loved that watch. . .I hope they know that I still love the poem more!

Now that I have reminisced about times past, I am looking forward to the future! Future knitting, and birthdays, and holidays, and memories. . .hey!, it's the holiday season. . .well, just about! I hope that you are enjoying time with those close to you, and that you are making memories of your own. Come back on Wednesday to hear a little bit about my plan for the upcoming holiday season! There may even be a recipe in it for you. . .!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

*We did, at the time, know a guy named Tak (pronounced "tock"), and there was a broken door in our house. . .good times!

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