Saturday, September 11, 2010

Am I a Bad Mom?

As I head toward the days of grandparenthood (Army Boy and Wifey Poo will bless us with a grandchild in the very early spring), I have started to reflect on what kind of Mom I have been. Mostly, I think I was a pretty good Mom, giving my kids just the right proportions of love, discipline, understanding and nutty theories to help put their future therapists' children through college. . .but still, I must occasionally ask myself. . .

Does it make me a bad mom when I take a day off work to knit with the gals (and the livestock) at That'll Do Farm just because I can?
Yeah, probably not. . .I know. Especially since I have totally finished that sweater now (well, it doesn't quite have buttons, but the knitting is done), and finishing things sets a good example for kids and adult kids, ri-iiight???
Does it make me a bad Mom when I consider getting rid of these pieces of "art" that my son was graded on when he was in the 10th or 11th grade? They have been on display for years. . .
I mean, I am going to get rid of the art, but I am keeping Shaun Cassidy, Billy Joel, Spooky Scary Stories and a few other vinyl faves (I do have a turntable). The cat can't believe that I would even consider getting rid of these classics, which would have certainly made it to my mp3 playlist. . .if iPods had been invented then. . .but even she doesn't much care for the baseball-playing likeness of Army Boy in kiln-fired clay and paint. (The bat broke off a way-long time ago, so I sat it out with the giant golf ball, also in clay. . .yep.)
Does being a really bad housekeeper make me a bad Mom? I guess I should take that question out of the running, though, because today I did get some "crap" out. . .see the photos in this linky, and compare them to these freshly straightened corners in the living room. . .where the "Assorted crap the cats get into" used to be stored.
The cats would rather that I knit and blog and play with clay, because then they have more to play with all over the house. . .and leave languishing under the couch. . . As it is, they have now resigned themselves to fighting over my purse in their boredom. . .
. . .as if I had actual money in there. . .
. . .or catnip or kitty treats. . .
. . .I am not sure what goes through their little kitty brains most days, but I do not think that they would agree that a good Mom has to be a tidy person. . .
Of course, even I sometimes like to be tidy. And this was a good Saturday to be that way. The Hubster is Golfing, and College Girl is working, and so the house is quiet and not in danger of getting messy again until after 5 o'clock. . .it actually feels good to get some pieces-parts of this place picked up! And so I light up the blueberry pancake candle to celebrate as I sink onto the sofa to watch a sappy movie. . .ahhhhhh!!!
WAIT!!! I do have proof that I am not a bad mom! Look!, I took a picture of College Girl, and I am including her in the blog. . .bragging even! It's even a milestone moment. . .today is her last day at Wendy's, where she has worked for the past 6 years. This was/is her first job, and she has learned much about life through her experiences there. Her biggest lesson? That she would eventually like a career that does not involve the phrase, "What kind of sauce would you like with those?"Yay for her!, and good luck in finding a new job soon. . .college girls need money, you know. . .and college parents are sometimes broke, especailly when they ditch work to knit!

Well, that's all that's going on here today. . .some cleaning, cat herding and crafting before the crazy family comes home. I think it's possible that I even miss them. Well, whaddyaknow? I am a good Mom!!!
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Wait, isn't there supposed to be a sock review in this post? You were only up to April! I have to steal more of your sock pattern ideas for my queue! ;-)

    Oh, and I had both of those Shawn Cassidy albums ("Da Doo Ron Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron Ron...."). He and I share a birthday, you know. Of course, he's 10 years older than me. I was sure at age 13 that the age difference didn't matter though. ;-)

  2. Easy answer for the artwork of #1 Son. Place items in carton. Next time he visits, you say, "Here you go."

    Hey, it works. I've done it many times. Usually during that span of time in which they are too stunned to respond, they have to leave, 9 times in 10 taking the item with them because they're too bemused to refuse.

  3. Yay for days home alone...they are so nice and productive sometimes!! Glad you got alot done!

    Love the sweater! Can't wait to see it finished in real life!

  4. CozySpirit read my mind! Perfect solution. And yes you are a good mom, because you do the same things I do (except you take pictures) so if two of us do the same thing, it makes it all good. I like your day, so much in fact that I think I'll make that my day today :)

  5. Well, of course you are! Loved it!