Saturday, August 7, 2010

Get Out!

If you were around in the late 70s, that title might evoke memories of the horror book/movie The Amityville Horror. If you weren't, go on back and check out the link to the 1979 movie trailer. . .I'll wait until you get back. . .

Creepy, huh? Of course, that's not really what I wanted to talk about today. . .the movie, that is. I want to talk about getting out, as in getting things out of my house, as in getting the "crap" out of my house. I saw that a fellow blogger (Created Hands Creating Blog) had joined into a "Get the Crap Out of My House Challenge" in blogland, and so I looked around my own house. . .look what I found!
Creepy, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. No wonder I feel like even my small yarn stash is running out of places to hide! So I am joining in. I know that it won't happen overnight, and I am not even aspiring to make it all happen by any particular deadline. I'd just like to look at this as more of an opportunity for a "lifestyle change." Here are my strategies:
  1. Each week, I would like to throw something away that I have been looking at for too long without using. This should clear out some of those hobbies I have not been into, and some other assorted things I probably won't miss.

  2. As I look around at all the things I desperately need to dust should be dusting regularly, I will try to get rid of more of the knicky-knacky things, thereby reducing the need to dust.

  3. Perhaps by Christmas, I'd like to get into the attic and get rid of some of the boxes of stored items that I never pull out, and that I never intend to pass down to the kids. Hopefully, that will save them some headaches when I'm gone!

  4. When I put something aside, from now on, I will try to mark it with the date it was put aside. If I don't miss it in 6 months 3 months, I will toss, sell or give it away.

  5. I will not feel badly about parting with my stuff. . .especially the stuff I don't really "play with" anymore.

  6. Encouraging my blogging and knitting buddies to play along! If you have crap that you'd like to get out of your house, well, what's stopping you?!? C'mon!
Yep! It's a Lifestyle Change! It all starts with a bunch of good intentions, right? Well, there are my intentions! Of course, even just my intentions are tiring out this blogger today! Well that, coupled with some helmet shopping we did earlier:
And some general fun shopping!
Silly-Face rice crispie treats and light-up squishy balls. . .it's gonna be a good Saturday night! Oh, and there will be knitting, for sure! I promise more knitting in the next post! Until then, Happy De-Crapping, and Get Out!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. I'm sorry to tell you, but getting rid of the crap won't actually eliminate the need to dust. It'll just make it easier, since you won't have to dust the crap.

    I've been wanting to do that, too. I just keep thinking I could sell some of the stuff on ebay, rather than give it to Goodwill. I could take stuff to my mom's for the garage sale, but I'm sure I'd get more $$ on ebay. So the dilemma leads to inertia and the crap is still here. :(

  2. I need to get rid of alot of crap! I have "gifts" from our wedding 11 years ago that haven't been used..suppose I don't need that stuff!!!! I do always feel so much better after I declutter when I have a garage sale or just give clothes to goodwill!

  3. The clothes thing is always the hardest for me. I get rid of something that I haven't worn in 8 years and that next week is when I really need it back for some obscure occasion.

    If you're throwing out that totally awesome TMNT trunk, feel free to throw that over at me.

  4. My goal is to spend 15 minutes a day doing something positive towards organizing/cleaning the house. I'm taking it one drawer/cabinet/shelf at a time, and trying to be very hard-hearted about the ahem..treasures.. (junk) I haven't used in years.