Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Number 220. . .the one with the BUNNIES!

So, I was wandering around Facebook the other day, just minding my own business, when I saw a link to the cutest little bunny finger puppets, and a place to buy a kit to make them. Sooooo super cute! I know, I know. . .I should have just gone back to the knitting, and minding my own business. . .but instead, I thought to myself, "Self! We have some colorful felt. . .and we have embroidery floss. . .and we have much yarn suitable for tiny cotton-tails!!!"

Yes, I often speak to and of myself in the third-person, plural. . .it's a gift, not a defect. . .

Anyway, "Self!," I says, "We should make some rabbits and take them everywhere with us until Easter!" So I did, and it was fun to watch them frolic around the fountain at church yesterday. . . . . .and it was kindof cute when they wandered the vast kitchen counter while the ladies' bible study brewed their coffee!
What I did NOT count on was the level of mischief that a few felt bunnies can get into. I turned my back on them for a split second, and the next thing I know, they were playing chopsticks!
Before I could round them up, they all ran outside into the sunshine. . .
. . .and headed for the playground! It was madness, and I was barely keeping up!
They weren't showing any signs of fatigue, however, and the next thing I knew they were diving through piles of music, trying to find a drum solo for the purple one. . .they say he's got all the rhythm in the bunch. . .
I guess they're right, because he started to beat on those drums, and the mosh pit hopped right onto the drum set before I could stop them. . .it was far-out, man! And it was clear that I had totally lost control of this bunch. . .sigh!
Luckily, all that drumming and dancing did finally wear them down, and I was able to gather them all together again. Like a pile of tiny kittens, they all snuggled together, and took a nap. . .
. . .which means that I finally got a little bit of knitting in. Whew!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring with the Bunnies. All of a sudden, Easter seems like a long way off. . .

Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

All knitting, before AND after!

Before the wedding, I will be knitting the Bella Capelet for the bride. I have until the middle of August to finish this item for the actual wedding, but I am hoping to get it done before the shower, so I can get all the oooohs! and aaaaahs! from our friends when she opens it. lol

After the wedding, I will cast on something mindless and simple, something that I can work without thinking, possibly one-handed so I can suck my thumb as I regress into a pile of nervous-breakdown-icus. . .I will need a serious nervous breakdown by the end of the summer, I am sure!

Before we went to visit the Little Peanut, I cast on a hat in pink and white cotton yarn, and I rejoiced to be a gramma. After the visit, I wiped away tears of missing-them-already-an-hour-into-the-ride-home, and I knit striped booties to match the hat. They went into the mail the morning after we got home, along with a gramma tear or two, and a birthday gift for Army Boy. Can it be that this boy, born just before my 21st birthday, can possibly have a baby? And she was born just before his 22nd birthday! Before the end of 2010, I had a favorite sweater that I wore as much as humanly possible, weather- (and cat-) permitting.
After the loss of 33 pounds now, I have re-knit this sweater, using yarn frogged from the original, so that I could snuggle my new grandbaby next to the soft, cotton fabric of my favorite sweater. . .in a size that fits!
This has been a busy year so far, and it promises to get even busier before it is over. I will knit my way through, to keep my sanity, and I hope to share my knitting adventures with you! I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me!

Thanks for stopping by and, as always, Knit in Good Health!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Peanut Edition

. . .brought to you by a Little Peanut! Oooooohhhh. . .
Hello world! I am here, and isn't it exciting?!? Everyone around me seems so happy, and they all really seem to like me a LOT, which is pretty cool. . . It has been a busy week since I got borned. . .I meeted my Grampa. . .
I like him a lot! And I meeted my Gramma. . .
. . .Gramma says that I am the most specialest ever! And you know who thinks I am soooo pretty? My Auntie Dollface 'specially does! (She sayed it to me!)
They all had a long car ride to come and see me, so they must think I am pretty special. Wait, I know they think that, because Gramma and Grampa tolded it to me!
I think they are special, too. And I like it when they hold my hands. . .Oh, I almost forgeted! Gramma does the thing that is the knitting, and she brought me presents! A bunny blankie that I thinks I love. . .
. . .and she made me a hat. See my hat?
Yaaawwwnnn! Now I am so sleepy. Nappy-nap, and Gramma says, "Knit in Good Health!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now and Then. . .

So, this past Monday was a busy day in my Pretty Knitty Life. You all know Army Boy and Wifey-Poo, and if you have been paying even the tiniest bit of attention, you know that the gal that married my son a few years back was ripe with child! That baby was apparently ready to meet her parents, because I got a call on Monday afternoon when it was just about time for that beautiful young woman to check into the hospital!

I was beside myself with joy at the news, and nervous as all get-out. . .I wanted to shout from the rooftops, but I knew it was their news to tell, so I held back (for a few hours), telling only those I saw in person or could call on the phone. . .just me and my phone, pacing and trying to keep my head from exploding!

Finally, at a little after 10pm, we got the word. . .a tiny, 6 pound,10 ounce bundle of healthy girl had
transformed this couple into Parents!!! Dollface was an Auntie!!! Sweetie was a Grampa!!! And me, I was finally a Pretty Knitty Gramma!!!

When I did start talking to my Facebook and Ravelry worlds, I just kept thinking how proud I was of these new parents. . .of how excited and nervous a
nd happy I was for them and their new Little Peanut. . .of how badly I wished that we all lived closer so that I could snuggle that bundle of joy sooner than later. . .of how thrilled I was for them and their brand new family!

I also couldn't help but think of another baby and daddy, some 22 years ago, who put me just over the moon! History repeats itself through the generations, and I hope, and I pray, that the joy I experienced in watching him grow will be increased exponentially for Army Boy and Wifey Poo as they watch her grow. Congratulations, you two! You will be great parents, and we look forward to being here for you whenever you need us, and watching your family grow! We love you!

Thanks for indulging me, Dear Readers, and thanks for stopping by. May the blessings on your family be as rich and full of joy as ours have been!

Knit in Good Health!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gimme some water. . .

. . .cool, cool water. . .and where do you think I will find water in these here parts? Well, just about everywhere! There is frozen water. . .
. . . slushy water. . .
. . .fast moving water. . .
. . .and evidence of very recent, verrrry fast moving water. . .
. . .water moving at just over a trickle. . .
. . .we went for a walk in the park, and there was water everywhere! Luckily, the temperatures are a'climbin', and I can feel spring in the air. . .and that puts a spring in my step! Guess what else we saw on our walk? Plenty of sunshine. . .which makes for great shadows!
But by the time our 2-hour walk was winding down, the clouds had started to roll in. . .there will be more weather this evening. . .gotta love northeast Ohio in the "springtime," lol!
We saw these little snow buddies, resting on a bridge railing as we walked by, and I asked "Are you ready for spring?" They simply shuddered, and the big one comforted the little one with a, "There, there. . .some people are just so rude!" I won't lie. I did feel badly about my question. What was I thinking?
I got over it pretty quickly, tho. I asked Sweetie, as we drove home, "When do you think the crocuses will start to pop up?" As if they heard, there they were in the flower bed, next to the very tiny boxwood we planted last summer! Spring, you are definitely coming. . .I am sorry I doubted you!
Don't get me wrong, I have mostly enjoyed the winter. . .the time I have spent with yarn and needles that I will not want draped across my lap in the heat of summer. . .but I am ready for the spring! Oh, and I really hope the snow is over. . .sorry, little buddies. . .
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It won't be long now!

Soooo, she started out like this. . .a tiny little peanut last summer. . .
. . .but it didn't take long for her to really take over our Daughter-In-Law's tummy! This is what Wifey-Poo's belly looked like early in December. . .that's her mom and me with the cutest pregnant woman we know!
. . .and although it is KILLING me to not be there, rubbing that belly regularly, at least this darling gal took and posted some pictures along the way. Look at her, teaching the peanut how to take your own Facebook photo in the bathroom mirror. . .awwww!
That last picture was taken at 34 weeks. . .she is now at 39 weeks!!! I know, right?!? It doesn't seem possible that there was enough room for 6 more weeks growth, but apparently there was, because there has been no call (so far) saying that she is in labor. God bless her, I bet Wifey-Poo is tired! I am glad that her mom was able to go spend some time spoiling her even before the peanut makes her appearance.

As Sweetie and I anxiously await the blessed event, you can bet that we will check our phones frequently for full signals and batteries! And I will continue to knit and to blog the baby (and other) knitting.* Indeed, I have been a knitting fool this week. . .I finished "Hey, Teach!" again, this time two sizes smaller than last time! The sleeves are still a bit snug, but I think it's gonna be fine in a couple weeks. . .and I can't wait to get it washed and photographed, so I can love wearing it again! lol
In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!
*Please prepare yourselves, Dear Readers, for an unapologetic abundance of baby talk (and pictures) in our near future!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

House on a Hill

Sooo, the last time I played with clay, this is what I came up with. . .
Yes, I made another attempt at the millefiore, with a House on a Hill. It looks pretty much like I imagined it should, except that the hill became very tall and skinny during the reducing. . .but, it still looks like a hill. So, like a good little crafter, I cut and baked the pieces (along with some more sheep, you can never have too many sheep!), and I glazed everything while watching the Wednesday episode of American Idol that we had DVRed this week. . .
I LOVE that I can craft and watch TV with the hubby and sleepy kitties! And I am pretty pleased with how my finished pieces look this morning!
I think the sheep like them, too!
Look for these beads to appear on row counters (and maybe some stitch markers, too) in my Etsy Shop in the very near future! Ohhhh, I am so excited to put those together! I should stop blogging and get to it!

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Down on the Farm

Pretty Knitty spent a good part of last Saturday afternoon "down on the farm" at That'll Do Farm in a nearby town. I love the farm, the alpaca and goats, the dogs and the chickens, and especially the llama, Joey. But in February, I love the great indoors and the company of yarnigans most of all!

I especially love that the knitters are quite the happy bunch!

Happy, happy, happy, with yarn on the needles, and. . .and. . .*AHEM!*
. . .*Ahem!* Pretty said "Happy," not bi-polar!

I guess many of the knitters are emotional creatures. . .changing their minds and moods on a whim. . .it just comes with the territory. You know what else? Lean in close here, because this may be kindofasecret. . .many of the yarnigans are bi-craftual! You know, they knit and they crochet, or they knit and they spin. . .some are even multi-craftual! This one is a hooker:

Not that kind of hooker! What are you thinking? This is a family blog! She's a rug-hooker!, and she made some pretty good progress on her sunflower leaves last Saturday afternoon. We all made some progress last Saturday afternoon. . .that's why we are a happy bunch!
Pretty actually walked out of the farm with knitted fabric, and a good amount of it, for her re-knit project, Hey Teach!, recently ripped out at the Frog Pond.
And before we all left the farm, to go back to our own boring houses in the city, there was one happy knitter who noticed something strange in the parking lot. . .apparently the white cars are keeping quite the eye on those sneaky, sneaky blue cars!
I have heard that blue cars can be tricky. . .sooo, wherever you are, whatever your weather, be safe this spring and watch out for those blue cars! lol
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!