Saturday, June 12, 2010

Castin' On Again. . .

I just can't wait to get Castin' On Again!
Found my needles making music with some yarn. . .
But I can't wait to get Castin' On Again!

Maybe this "Pile O' Yarn" has something to do with it?. . .
So, last night, even though I have three things on the needles already (which is kinda my personal limit), I cast on yet another 5-hour sweater.This one is for a boy baby, so there are heavy modifications. . .like, no lacy holes or k2togs. . .those are replaced by some top-down, raglan shaping. . .still on 10.5 needles, tho, so it's a fast knit! I cast on last night, and finished the knitting early this afternoon. . .still need to add buttons and weave in ends, but I think I may gift it this coming week!
Aaaaand, the Peaches & Creme in the top photo will be another baby sweater, for the son of one of College Girl's co-workers. . .I think it will be another 5-hour, but it might also be a Knitting Fool pattern. . .decisions, decisions!

Aaaaand, the cone of blue yarn in the photo is the 50/50 wool/hemp blend from the Fiber Festival, and it is destined to become another
Bagstopper! Super Yay!
In Knon-Knitting Knews, I have been playing at the photog thing again with Michelle! She is wearing her new tank (Lovely! - finished just moments before the photo was taken!), and this is my favorite shot of her at the barn on Thursday evening!
On the Home Front, we had a pretty productive day today. . .
For the past 15 years, we have not had a light by the door we use most frequently. Mostly, it was a nuisance when we came and went after dark, but lately we wondered if it was not also a security risk. There are some pretty big shadows between these little houses, and I would not want to be sneaking up on anyone "lurking" in the shadows. So, we hired a local handyman, and now we say, "Let there be [a] light!"
And, a few years back, we re-did the bushes in front of the house. We tore out the big ones that were creeping under the siding, and replaced them with two holly bushes, two daylillies, and what I think was a barberry shrub. . .the leaves were reddish and very pretty, but it was the prickly-est plant ever! Pruning was a pain! So, Sweetie took it out today, just before we laid more mulch. . .
We then went shopping to replace the center shrub, and decided on a boxwood for it's heartiness and evergreen qualities. The daylillies disappear in winter, so we wanted to be sure that whatever we planted would stay visible and attractive, rather than creating a big void in the center of the flowerbed when winter rolled around.

Now, we are not master gardeners, and it took us the better part of half an hour to pick which shrub we wanted to get. We looked at Azaleas, Roses and other flowering shrubs, as well as other varieties of evergreens. . .and then we just chose a lovely boxwood.

When we got home, we saw right away that there may be a "SMALL" problem. . .since we didn't have our other shrubs with us at the gardening center (should we take them next time? they felt so left out!), we did not realize just how puny a plant we had picked! lol
Sooooo, here we are, in the heart of summer, with a big void in the center of the flowerbed! lol And Sweetie and I are basically too lazy to go back and get a bigger plant. . .eventually, this one will grow. . .we hope. . .
But for today, we are finished with the landscaping. . .finished with the home repair and cleaning. . .finished with the shopping. . .finished with the hot and muggy sweating every time we even look out the window. . .and I am going to knit! I hope that you have some time to relax and unwind this weekend, and that there is yarn in your plans!
Knit in Good Health!

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  1. PHEW I'm tired and hot just looking at your yardwork today!!! And Boxwoods they grow pretty in a year or so you'll be good to go!

    Oh and Yay! I'm on your blog!!!LOL