Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Frog Princess

Good morning, Blogger (and blog readers)!!! It has been an interesting couple of days in the frog pond. . .you see, on Thursday I could not find anything that I wanted to bring to knitting. I was losing my motivation to cast on a new project GASP! I mean, I have new yarn just waiting and begging to be knit into sweaters, but I could not start one. . .I thought and I thought, 'til my thinker was plum thunk out, but I finally figured it out.

You see, this knitting princess has made herself several sweaters in the last couple of years. That's good. Furthermore, she has at least three sweaters in her current wardrobe that she loves-beyond-reason. That's also good. Add to that the fact that the princess is particularly proud these days of some recent weight-loss success. Now, that's tremendous! Unfortunately, the sweaters the princess loves-beyond-reason. . .
. . .all knit in yarns she scrimped and saved for. . .well, they are all knit in a size that no longer flatters the princess's figure. . .and she is sad and confused. . .but, she knows what she must do! So, she brought all her sweaters to knit-night, with plans to frog them (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it out!) and reuse the yarns she loves so dearly. "Honestly, how long could it take to rip out three or four sweaters? Surely four hours is plenty of time!," thought the princess. And so she poured herself a cuppa coffee, and took pictures of her three favorite sweaters (the fourth did not photograph, or wear, very well. . .it was not a favorite, but she still liked the yarn). The first, in soft pink Tamaty Tweed cotton, was her very favorite. . .two years old, it had seen lots of wear, and the princess planned to re-knit the same pattern in a smaller size. Seams were carefully, in a painstakingly slow process, cut and ripped back. . .ends were carefully, in a painstakingly slow process, un-tucked so edgings and sweater pieces could be ripped back. . .and the yarn, with accidental cuts and unexpected breaks, was carefully, in a painstakingly slow process, wound into many soft pink balls of various sizes! There was much lost yarn, which might have caused the princess to pause, but since she will be knitting the new sweater in a smaller size (yay!), she is not too nervous! Still, pink fuzz was everywhere, and when all the knitters decided it was time to call it a night, to get home before the start of the winter storm that the weather men had predicted, the princess packed up her pink balls. . .. . .(and three full sweaters, not even touched during the evening) into the knitting bag to go home. True to their word, the weather men provided the predicted storm, and the princess awoke to this (thanking her lucky stars for the handsome Prince with his shovel)!
Even though the princess had plans for the day, she did not live on a lily pad in a warm climate, and so she found herself making new plans from her sofa, plans that did not include venturing into the frozen tundra. . .plans that did include a less-than-favorite green sweater in cotton yarn, now frogged down to this. . .
. . .and while she was at it, why not this favorite shapely tee sweater, in a yarn that called her name from across the crowded yarn shop last summer? After a trip to the frog pond, that sweater, too, is reduced to colorful balls of cotton yarn. . .
The fourth sweater, that coral number up there, has yet to pop into the princess's pond party, but it's days are also numbered. However, for today the Frog Princess is going to take a break from the pond to work on replacing her favorite pink sweater! Here I come, knitting! Don't start without me!
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Yay for the restart of the favorite pink sweater!

  2. Congratulations! How wonderful to be in a position to need to re-knit sweaters in a smaller size!

  3. tell Mr S. thanks for doing my grandmas driveway it helped a lot