Saturday, May 9, 2015

Throwback Saturday?

Up until this week, I had never done a throwback Thursday anywhere. Then, on Wednesday, I found some old photos, so I slapped up a photo of me and a couple of my cousins in 1983...

As I looked through some of the other photos of photos that I had hanging around the hard drive, I found this one...

It only seems appropriate to post an old family photo this close to Mother's Day. This one was taken at my grandparents' house, circa 1973. I'm the one with ponytails and straight bangs. :)

When I look at this photo, and I think about it, I had a pretty good childhood. I know that our family wasn't rich...but we weren't poor...and my sister and I were certainly loved! We still are, as a matter of fact. Even though Dad has been gone for over 20 years (yes, he died wayyyy too young, at 57), Mom is still around, and she still loves us well...very well. It's a pretty good feeling to know that you are loved beyond reason. 
My mom with Peanut, a couple summers!
Even though I'm all grown up, with grown up kids (and now grandkids, and kids-in-law!), I know that my mom still loves me beyond reason. Thanks, Mom!

If you can, call or see your mom this weekend. Unless she currently lives with you, I am sure that she misses you...and I'm pretty sure that she loves you beyond reason.* **

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! 
Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health...maybe knit with your mom for a bit!

*If your mom isn't around anymore, I'm sorry. I know that this is likely a painful weekend for you, but I hope that you will find time to linger over a treasured memory.

**If you feel, for whatever reason, that your mom doesn't love you beyond reason, I'm sorry. Try to remember that she is human, and all humans make mistakes. Do what you have to do to honor the sacrifices she made for you, and remember that you are human too.

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