Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oh where, oh where can she be?

We were just sitting there in the window, like we do on any average Saturday morning...

when we heard the door open.

We looked, 

and we looked, 

but we never saw her again. 

White cat is despondent, depressed, disturbed...

She let me put a dishcloth on her head, and she didn't even move. 

I may only have memories of her left leg, which I love so dearly...

At least she left us her slippers.

Of course...her slippers won't feed us...can you help a kitty out?

Oh where, oh where has Pretty Knitty gone? 
Oh where, oh where can she be? (meow!)
With her knitting, her needles, and all of that yarn,
Oh where, oh where can she beeeeeee?!? (meowwww!)

Black Cat (who will surely starve to death)

*Pretty Knitty is off to Wool-a-palooza today, but don't let these cats fool you, she left them plenty of food AND a caretaker with opposable thumbs who will feed and water them when necessary. Please don't worry too much about the drama kitties...Pretty (and her lap, and her needles and yarn) will be back before sunset. Silly kitties!

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