Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Layers of Knitting

Sometimes it takes a fresh eye...

to inspire the simple knits! This little cutie came over while his parents were moving into a new house. He walked into the "yarn room," and he said (eyes open wide in wonder), "Is this all YOURS???" It was a beautiful moment, and even though this guy isn't even a blood relation, he is clearly the smartest little boy I've met in a long time! He then said, matter of factly, "My favorite color is yellow."

Naturally, I immediately located a ball of yellow yarn, and we sat down with needles and yellow yarn. I asked if I should start his knitting for him, and he said, "Nooo. You needle YOUR yarn. I needle dis." A-do-ra-ble! So, I found something simple, a pile of cloths I have been working on for a few days, 

and we "needled" together instead of napping. Well, I may have napped a little...but I'm pretty sure he did not give in. lol!

Oh, to have the energy of a three-year-old...what I wouldn't give!!! Well, I probably wouldn't give up my yarn stash...or these new cloths!

I was tired at the end of our visit, but I sure had fun, and so did my little friend. What have you been doing for fun lately? Whatever it is, thanks for taking a break to stop by, and Knit in Good Health this week!

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