Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Thought She Was a Mouser...

I've never thought of Black Cat as adventurous, or outgoing. She has a lazy side, and a bit of a foot fetish. (Ewww, please look away from my feet!)

But White Cat, she's adventurous! I've always thought that she would be a mouser, if only she had a I knit one!

White Cat checked out Miss May Mousie...

She even tried to nudge it with her paw...

In the end, however, she wasn't that impressed. 

And Miss Mousie wasn't very intimidated by the "mouser" either...I think she actually mocked White Cat a little. (Yee-haw! Ride 'em kitty! Backwards even!)

I thought the mouse was really cute, and I was impressed...I mean, look! I knit a mouse!

I dressed the mouse!!!

"So what?," says my mouser, "Can you knit a cat?"

Well, White Cat, I can. And I have. But I don't need any more cats.

Is anyone out there in blog land in need of a sassy calico? Free to a good home, but know that she's got a bit of an attitude, and she can't even catch a stuffed mouse! (Just kidding. I have to keep White Cat...she is such a good prop for the knitting photos! lol!)

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Happy hump day, and Knit in Good Health!

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