Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Short(s) Post

Because when your boy sends you a picture, asking if you can make this...

...and you know that you can, even though you can't find a pattern really, this is what you crochet next:

If he is a really good boy, when he sees them, he puts them on IMMEDIATELY.

Mork is a really good boy, and has already made a request for a second pair, in red, white and know, for the 4th of! How can I say, "No," to the patriarch of this young family?

Right, I can't. So I will, I am sure, be making another pair.* "But," he says, "they could be a little roomier in the...ah...butt..." Yep. It was hard to gauge that bit without measuring your inseam, Son...we'll make the next pair a little larger there, and around the legs, and slightly longer too. "But right now, I really need a baby snuggle," said I, and then I got one. Bliss:

Four-year-old snuggles (and birthdays) are pretty great, too! So we got ourselves some of that as well. :)

Then, just like that, the weekend was over. It was time for Pop Pop and Gramma to go back to Ohio, and Peanut and Mork were going to the circus that day...she told us she wanted to see "the elephants juggle-ling!" I'm not sure that's exactly what she saw at the circus, but whatever she did see must have been full of excitement, because Mork sent us this pic of her passed out on the way home!

What a fun birthday weekend we had! We are still running on the fumes of all the fun we had, and the knitting and spinning continues...but I'll get to that next time. After all, I promised a short(s) post today! :o)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

*If you would like your own pair of crocheted shorts, please do not ask me. You can check this guy out: TheSecurityBlanketCo on Etsy, and (for what it's worth) I do think that is a reasonable price. If you want to pay less, you could always learn to crochet and have them for the cost of the yarn. ;)

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