Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stuck in the Middle (of the week)

This has been an interesting week. I haven't made it to see Sweet Pea in person (yet), but there are plans afoot. Still it's only just mid-week, and most of our visits happen on for now, how about I show you some knitting? :)

First up, a finished cardigan for a sweet little miss...

Not one of my granddaughters, but a dear friend at church. She was also the recipient of the stripey socks you saw last Wednesday! I know it's big for her now, but I can't wait to see these little buttons on that sweet baby!

And then another cardi on the needles! This one for a young man (very young, at age one!) at church that I never did get around to knitting a newborn size for...Who? is it for?

Yes, I just love that cabled owl motif! I've put it center back, at the waist, and I'm also carrying it up next to the button bands. There aren't many pics yet, but that one is a pretty good representation of how the knitting makes me feel...warm and cozy, with a hot cuppa joe at the ready on a cold winter's day!

There was more, but I've been lax with the photos lately. Maybe I can make up for that on Saturday. In any case, thanks for stopping by for your mid-week "Pretty fix," and Knit in Good Health!

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