Wednesday, January 7, 2015

30 Toes, and more!

So, I was perusing Facebook, and I saw this photo (by JadieFoto) of some socks I had knit for friends who were expecting (those middle toes came into the world just before Christmas):

What else can you say but, "Awwwww! So adorable!"
(By the way, I've seen more of her photos, too...she's great! If you live near me, click that JadieFoto link, and check her out for your photo needs...)

Then, if you look at the bottom of this photo, you'll see some bigger toes! 

No, wait, you won't...because I've finally finished Snake's afghan! It is very long and thin, but then, so is he...which makes this a perfect fit! I started this mitered square number in December 2013, so I am glad to finally have it out of my wips, and onto the FO side of things...Happy January Birthday, Snake!

Now, considering that I should have a second granddaughter by the end of this week (Sweet Pea is on her way very soon, we all hope!), I'd better get busy with the baby knitting! Baby knitting is good for waiting, because it's fun to see things fly from my fingers, and it's fast!

What's flying from your fingers so far this year? 

Thanks for stopping by to see the stripe-covered piggies! I hope that your resolutions are still holding up, and that you will Knit in Good Health throughout 2015!

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