Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yarnigan? Yarn, again!

I made yarn! That is to say that I took another bunch of fluff,

and my prettiest spindle (both from 7yaks Design)

and I came up with yards and yards of this:


I've made yarn again, and here are the details:
Fiber: Merino, SW Merino, Mohair, Nylon (15%), Firestar, Bamboo - a total of 3.4oz. 
Direction: Singles spun Z, 3-plied S
Weight: Fingering
Yardage: ~310yds (if I counted it right)

I did take photos, along the way and at the finish, but I never did use a coin for perspective. I know it's fingering (more or less), a little thick here, a little thin there, but mostly right on, and I ended up with a decent yardage, so I am pretty happy about that! :) If I could change just one thing, I think I would have added a little less twist while seems a little wiry to me, and I think it's over-plied? Not sure...if you're an expert, please chime in! I do wish it was just a little softer and squishier, but overall, I like it! It's so very PURPLE!!! And SHINY!!! =D

Now, what should this Yarnigan knit with the yarn she made? She made yarn again!!!


  1. I love that White Cat is licking her lips as she looks at your fiber. Snack time!!!

    1. Yummy Yummy Yarn Yarn!
      (Because, of course, she says everything twice twice...)