Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Tale of Two Sweaters

One finished...

One...notsomuch. But the back is finished...

The first, in fingering weight, has already been spotted in the wild!

The second...notsomuch. But that's ok. I have time until it needs to get to Mork. At least I've made some progress on the front already!

Until the Beagle is finished, I will just enjoy the wearing of the Plum Frost. Isn't it pretty?

Are you knitting any Olympic-sized projcts? Maybe there's still time for me to enter the WIP Dancing event...then again, maybe I won't. I kindof feel like working on a scarf

Whatever you're knitting, thank you for taking a little break to visit with me this fine Saturday. :) I hope that you are warm and cozy today, and Knitting in Good Health!

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