Saturday, August 31, 2013

Projects in my Queue...

173 projects in my Ravelry Queue...
173 projects in my queue!
Download one, 
and knit 'til it's done - 
172 projects in my Ravelry queue! 

Well, except that I can't knit much...not with this..., there are still 173. Maybe more.

Why more? Well, what has actually been happening these past 18 days is that I've been ADDING more projects that I want to knit to my queue...I can add things just fine with one hand...sigh!

Oh, well! I can still knit small, flat dishcloths and scarves...for short spurts. Of course, the relative lack of knitting makes for very boring blog posts. I mean, I wouldn't blame you if you just ran off to enter a contest or something exciting like that. 

See what I did there? (eyebrows up-and-down, up-and-down) 
You've still got time to enter...until midnight!

I go to the doc on Wednesday to see how much longer 'til my hand makes bail...hey! I have an idea...I'll announce the contest winner that know, for good luck! So thanks for stopping by! Enter the contest, and tune in Wednesday to see if you've won!!!

Until then, Knit in Good Health!!!

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