Wednesday, August 21, 2013

500 Blog Posts?!? CONTEST!!!

In honor of my 500th blog post (OMGosh! 500? How does that happen???), and to celebrate that I have not sustained any injuries while blogging these 500 posts, let's have a contest!

***And the crowd goes wild!!!***

Let's make it a trivia contest! Let's make it Pretty trivia! And let's make the prize a bit of Pretty Knitty Jewelry for you, with a nod to the fast-approaching fall season! 

A 100-row, knitting row counter (with fully illustrated instructions)...

...and some stitch markers for you (2 red delicious apples and a little birdhouse)...

...and a little yarny goodness as well (2 skeins of worsted-weight Malabrigo, one in the Applewood colorway, and the other in Sotobosque)!

Even though the shop has been closed for over a year, Pretty still enjoys dabbling in the jewelry, and sharing with YOU!

So, leave me a comment with the answers to these questions, and you will be entered into the drawing! Bonus entry when you share the contest with your friends...via Facebook or Twitter (see link at right, just under the hexipuff counter)...and then come to tell me about it! The contest will close on Aug 31st, so you've got about 10 days to enter!

Here are the questions:
1. What is my current favorite podcast? (hint: it's a video podcast)
2. What is YOUR favorite podcast?

Good Luck, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Happy 500! Blogging seems to be much better for you than running.

    I'm going to guess your favorite podcast is Girlfriends Knitting.

    My favorite podcast is not a fiber-related one, it's called Interfaith Voices. A lot of interesting religion based topics!

  2. Congratulations on your 500th blog post! Woo hoo!

    You're favorite podcast, um, I really haven't a clue. So I'm going to guess one of the few video podcasts that I've watched which is called Gentle Ribbing: A knitting and Crochet Podcast.

    My favorite podcast is an audio one called Skein After Skein.

  3. Ok...I'll play! Since I don't listen to podcasts, (there is your answer to question #2), I'm going to steal Julie's answer and go with Girlfriends Knitting as your favorite.

  4. And here I just sent you that note about Malabrigo--too funny. Pretty yarn!

    When podcasts come with closed captions... Meantime if you ever want a good laugh, watch a video with the auto-captioning feature on, especially if the speaker has a thick accent.

  5. Your favorite podcast is Girlfriends Knitting. I don't listen to any podcasts. Happy 500 posts!

  6. Your fave is girlfriends knitting, I listen to a lot- Stash and burn is still my fave.

  7. Congratulations on 500!

    Your favorite: Girlfriends Knitting
    My favorite: none

  8. Your favorite: Uh... I have no idea
    My favorite: Uh. I don't even know what a pod is. (Does it mean an I-pod?)

  9. Your Favorite: Girlfriends Knitting
    Mine is (well that a tough decision) I'll say The KnitGirllls

  10. Your Favorite: I haven't a clue!
    Mine: The only one I've downloaded is Lion Brand's Yarncraft.