Saturday, August 17, 2013

Momma Said...

I remember, from my  youngest days, hearing my mom say, "Don't run! You'll fall..." Since I was the type of kid to follow the rules (still am...), I usually did my best not to run. Yes, it was because I was a rule follower from the start...and also because when I forgot and tried to run, I usually fell down. Fast forward to this past May...

After asserting again and again that I am not a runner, I took up the Couch to 5K program, and I started running. That was the beginning of May, and I did pretty well until week 7 of the 9 week program (mid-June). In week 7, I fell and broke a tooth (and my glasses, and my pride). But I got back out there, and I finished the 9 weeks! (Don't run! You'll fall...)

At the finish of C25K in July, I was even running by myself...and I was pretty happy with running in general. In addition, I am very happy with the way I feel between runs, now that I am running!!! But in mid-July, I fell again, and I took most of the skin off my right elbow. I didn't need a doctor, but my pride could have used some therapy...but I got back out there, and I started to look forward to my running days. (Don't run! You'll fall...)

Then, just this past Tuesday, I was running in the neighborhood with Mr. Pretty, and I fell a third time. That's three falls in about 9 weeks, and this time I went to the emergency room with a hand that just got purple-er and purple-er...they said I had broken two fingers.

The next day, I saw an orthopedic doctor who told me that three of my fingers are actually broken...and then he had Roberto set me up with a pretty, blue cast for at least the next three weeks. At least.

Let's review...
1. Broken tooth - fixed by dentist the next day
2. Badly scraped elbow - healed on it's own in about 3 weeks
3. THREE BROKEN FINGERS - trips to ER and specialist, with prescription painkillers and a cast for at least three weeks

I think running may be trying to tell me something. (Don't run! You'll fall...) I know that my dear husband is now trying to tell me something. (Don't run! You'll fall...) Maybe I really never will be a runner. Maybe running is just for people who don't fall down walking, or standing still. Maybe, just maybe, I should stick to the knitting...well, when the cast comes off! (Mom, how did you know? Are you psychic or something???)

Actually, I can knit a little with the cast. It is slow and painful, so I won't be doing that much, but if I need a minute, I can always knit a few dishcloth stitches. Until my fingers make bail, perhaps I'll play some catch up here...past projects never blogged, or recently finished pre-cast unblogged with Peanut (there are a couple)...whatever else I can come up with!

Bear with me, as I type (and do everything else) one-handed and much slower than usual. And pray for Mr. Pretty who suddenly finds himself in charge of the laundry, dishes, and the general care and feeding of Pretty! 

Thanks for stopping by, and be careful out there! I hear that Running is already looking for it's next victim! (No offense intended to the "real" runners out there...just a little laugh from a running wannabe who clearly isn't! =/)


  1. Ummm...if you're running to do something positive for your health, then I think just maybe you might like to try something else. This seems to be DAMAGING your health.

    Poor poor Pretty! Gentle hugs for you and your poor hand!

  2. Yikes Pretty! I hope you heal up soon. Have you had your glasses prescription and ears checked lately? I get clumsy(er haha) when my ears are clogged, and my husband and other glasses-wearers that I know say they get tripped up more easily when their prescription is off. In the meantime, maybe try some spin classes or Zumba! I've heard they're both fun! :)

  3. Oh OWW, I'm sorry! Heal quickly! And then hop on a plane and come take a good brisk walk with me, we'd have a great time.

  4. Oh pretty, I'm so sorry! Feel better soon

  5. OMG Pam! Stop running! And get better soon!