Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twelve Tiny Toes

Last year, I declared January 11th "Take Your Mochi to Work Day." This year, I totally forgot about it until about a week later. =/ What to do, what to do? Oh, I know! I'll take my Ribbit to work! (And I did just that on Friday. See?)
Honest! She brought me to work!

I don't think Ribbit enjoyed the day in my office quite as much as the Mochi did last year, but he did enjoy the podcasts I listened to while I prepared the upcoming Annual Report. I kept asking if he would like to help me assemble the pages next week, but he just crossed his arms with a loud "Harumph!"
Really? You think I want to do all your stapling?

Okay, I guess I can see that. After all, if I had those tiny feet (and was also lacking opposeable thumbs), I might not want to get too close to the stapler either... Heck, after knitting those twelve tiny toes (3 for each hand and foot), I certainly wouldn't want to see any staple-related injuries to this little guy either! Talk about fussy work!
I guess these are technically fingers?
Fussy yes, but also very cute...

Even despite the fussy fingers and toes (all referred to as toes in the pattern, but really, those top "legs" are arms, so those toes must be fingers, right?!?), I really enjoyed this pattern! There was quite a bit of stitching at the end (stitch arms and legs to body, stitch toes to feet, stitch head to torso, then embroider), but I do believe that the finished result was definitely worth it...especially since this cutie was such good company in the office!
Wrangling the knitting for me, so I
won't be distracted at work.
Thank you, Ribbit!

I may be a little sad when he goes to live with his new "mommy," my darling Peanut, who recently told her mommy, "Ribbit. Gramma PopPop house." When Mindy insisted that there was no frog at Gramma's house, the dear child replied, "Gramma make ribbit LaLa." (She calls herself "LaLa," isn't that the sweetest?!?) 

Everyone, all together now: "Awwwww!"

Thank you for that. I really do thrive on that kind of validation. Validation from my readers, and from my granddaughter, means that I had no other option than to knit a Ribbit for our dear LaLa ASAP, so I did just that, and this does not make me crazy. Hexipuffs? Those make me crazy. But I'll save that story for another post. :)

Thanks for stopping by (and also for validating me), and until next time, Knit in Good Health!


  1. Your Ribbit is adorable! And so is Peanut. LOL :) I should knit a toy to bring to work. I think it would make my clients smile.

    1. You should have toys at work...everyone should!
      I have several toys that I have knit or crocheted at my desk. I am a church secretary, so there are occasionally children who stop by...the kids love the toys, and this makes me insanely!