Saturday, October 8, 2011

Drifting Along. . .

Adrift still, and really kind of enjoying it. I love this tormented teal colorway that I snatched from my dear friend at Woolapalooza last year, and I am not feeling at all guilty about it...well, maybe just a little? Still, it's mine! All mine! And I love the way the sweater is coming out!

I have finished the back, and despite a few slowdowns and interruptions along the way, I am now about halfway into the front pieces. I really prefer to knit sweaters in pieces. . .I know it's a little bizarre, but there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly set in sleeve, and I love to set in sleeves and seam sweaters. So, while I could've knit this sweater in the round (and I have knit sweaters in the round, and I will probably knit my next sweater in the round), this one is knit in pieces. I like the way a seamed sweater maintains it's structure, even if the knitted fabric tends to stretch, the sweater does not (so much as it might if it were knit in the round).

Now, I don't think the pattern on Drift would be prone to much stretching, but you never know. . .I have never knit or worn a sweater of Lambs Pride before, so I am a newbie on that. . .we will see how it goes, and we will do our best to never even let this stuff be in the vicinity of the washing machine. Soak, Soak, Soak, all the way, or we will have a nice piece of felt with sleeves, or so I am told. . .and this knitting is way to pretty to felt!
So, no felting for me in the near future. Check! It does leave one question, tho. . .what is in my near future? Well, probably another Hat for the Hubs! (BTW, I really did finish the gray/blue one...really, I did! There are no pictures because Sweetie is a little camera shy. Look back, when you see him here in the blog, it's either his back, OR he is just an accessory for Peanut! I'm still trying to get that shot, tho! Wish me luck!)

So that's where I am. . .adrift in a sea of yarn. . .in all weights and fibers. . .waiting to be made into all manner of garments and accessories. Watch this space for upcoming Christmas stockings, and lots of cold-weather gear! Winter is just waiting on the heels of lovely Autumn, so my needles are a'clickin' every day! I hope that you are planning warm and cozy things wherever you call home as well.

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!


  1. Watch out Pretty..i may try to snag the finished sweater from you!!! ;o) (I still have my eye out for more of that yarn for myself-I know where I can get it full price-but really I'd like a deal!)