Saturday, May 29, 2010

. . .and there was yarn!

This is a bonus post, and it is all about the yarn! Here's my haul:
And here are some of the newer members of CKW (my knitting group), checking things out at their first Great Lakes Fiber Show. . .or, as we like to call it, WOOLAPALOOZA!
And finding out that cash, checks and VISA are acceptable forms of payment!

"Oh, no!," says Michelle, "Don't let Ali see me with all this yarn!" Yeah, at first I only saw Michelle in the picture, but really. . .look at Alison's face! hahahahahahaha!
"All that and more," says Ali. "Sheesh! You really need to go on a yarn diet!"
"Nevahhhhh!," says Michelle, adding Cranberry Swirl to her pile! "Bwahahahaaaa!"
Then it's off to Creatively Dyed for browsing and fondling and general discussion of why the yarn should not be under the shirt until after the purchase. . .
Oh, and I couldn't help but take a picture of one of our Designated Photogs, (doing what else?) taking a shot at some little alpacas! awwwwwww!
But where are the pictures of Annie? And the Mingus? Is it at all possible that the Mingus stayed put away during the WOOL festival? Interesting. . . But even despite the absence of the Mingus, there are more yarn photos! So, without further adieu, I give you. . .Lamb's Pride in Cranberry Swirl and some ocean-y/teal-y color that did not photograph well in the sun! Two sweater's worth in wool!
And 50/50 wool/hemp (no photo, sorry!, denim heather) for another Market bag! Yay! And sock yarn ($3.50/foot!) in manly colors for big feet!
But I had come to the Fiber Show, the one I like to call WOOLapalooza, in search of cotton yarn, and was pretty disappointed that I didn't find much. . .so we stopped in town at Calla Lily, where everything was ON SALE!. . .like ON BIG, GINOURMOUS, FANTASTIC SALE!, and they had lots of cotton options! There was this blue, mercerized cotton. . .
And this tan Cotton/Linen blend. . .yummmm!
And this cotton, variegated number that I could not resist!. . .
So much yarn, and I want to go cast something new on RIGHT NOW! So, since this is a bonus post anyway, I am OUTTA HERE!
Knit in Good Health (with all your new yarn, if you got some, and I hope that you did!)!


  1. Hoo boy, could I ever have been in big trouble there!! Nice haul....have fun working with your gorgeous stash additions!

  2. Pam, I was looking for some cotton yarn too and was disappointed. I guess that means I didn't miss anything. But with all the other stuff I bought I was over budget anyway. Great looking haul though.


  3. OMG Great post! Hilarious! I love the one with me and Alison off to the side!!!! Ken wondered why I laughing just now!! He he! Great time had by all!

  4. These pics with the captions were too cute! Pam, you've missed your calling!!!!