Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autmn Days

I'm finally starting to settle into the Autumn feel of things in my neck of the woods. So are Grampa and Peanut, seen here in a local park:That guy I love. . .he loves to be outside. He loves to be moving around. He loves to be with Peanut! (And she loves him, and being outside, and moving around, too!) Me? Notsomuch. I love knitting and crafts of all kinds. I need Grampa and Peanut in my life, to remind me to occasionally get my butt off the sofa, if I have any hope of maintaining my recent weight loss. I need to maintain (and continue) that weight loss if I have any hope of fitting into this new sweater for longer than a nano-second!It still needs buttons, but they are purchased and their positions carefully marked, while the sweater awaits a soak in wool-wash to soften it up a bit and block out that beautiful patterning. I absolutely love this new sweater, and I can't wait to wear it!...but I will not wear it when I am working with polymer clay. . .like when I made the bees! By the way, in case you were wondering, here's what I did with the bees and their hives:It's a special order (three counters and three sets of stitch markers), and I shipped it off to the UK yesterday. I love that Pretty Knitty Jewelry has gone international! I do not love that shipping overseas doesn't come with inexpensive shipping confirmation, so I always worry until I hear from the recipient that their items have arrived. . .while I wait and worry, I craft. You know about the knitting, and you also know about the clay. I know that I've talked about sewing as well, and here is my next sewing project:Shopping Cart Covers for Peanut, so that her mommy doesn't have to worry about the baby sucking on the cart when the two are shopping! Bonus! - they also cover restaurant high-chairs. :o) For a very active, and very social Peanut, these are going to come in very handy! But for today, she doesn't want to go shopping or out to eat. Today, Peanut wants to be outside, in the fresh-and-cool fall breezes!So that's where she is! Look at that happy baby! Look at those fall colors! Swing, Peanut! Higher! Yayyyy!

Thanks for stopping by! When you're not outside, enjoying good weather and being active, I hope that you will be Knitting in Good Health!

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