Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not the normal routine. . .

The normal routine, for Pretty, is to wake up, get dressed, knit, go to work, come home, knit and go to bed. There are other things that happen during the course of the average day, and on Wednesday and Saturday, Pretty also blogs. . .unless she forgets. . .which she almost did this morning. . .bad Pretty! :(

In the nick of time, I remembered to stop by and say hello, and to update you on my newest finished object (Starting Over Socks), especially since Wednesday's post was more of a tragedy than a comedy!

They turned out pretty well, even though the knitting has been scarce around here lately. . .due in part to the visit of a very lovely girl. :) Since I am short on time today, I will simply share with you some shots of Dollface and Peanut from last week's visit. . .with a little Photoshop fun thrown in. . .

All together now, "Awwww! Ain't she the CUTEST?!?" We all concur! (So does Peanut!)

This is good practice for Dollface, what with her upcoming nuptials and such. . .good practice indeed! Now I am off to be on with my Pretty Knitty Day. . .

Thanks for taking the time out of YOUR day to stop in! :)

Knit in Good Health, you prettyknitty people!