Saturday, June 4, 2011

But, Where's the Yarn?

So, last weekend, Pretty went to a fiber festival. . .and on Wednesday, she showed pretty pictures of her friends and all the fun they had. . .

But what about the yarn?
Did she buy any yarn?!?

Well, my friends, yes. Yes, she did.
She did buy yarn, and more. . .here's the haul:
It all fit into two bags, my market bag and a paper bag from Calla Lily, so it didn't look like much, but I think I got a pretty good bang for my knitting buck last weekend! This is 100% corn fiber "tape" yarn (which is different than tape worm, trust me) from Calla Lily. I am not always a fan of tape yarns, they twist when you knit them, but what can I say?. . .it was on sale!:And this is my favorite cotton-blend sock yarn of all time, from Yarn Knit by Sue! I don't know why, but if it's a limited anything, I gotta have it!
Following the theme of cottons-and-other-non-animal-blends-in-subtle-and-muted-colors, here is some Cotton Fine, from Pollywogs (one of my favorite vendors at this festival). The cotton for my Hey, Teach! cardi was from Pollywogs two years ago, and my only regret for this year's purchase was that I forgot to bring my punch cards to get punched for discounts. . .ugh!
And now, for the non-yarn purchases. . .
I had seen these DIY Stitch Markers (plastic with a hole for a jump ring of your own, marked with common knitting abbreviations) at 7Yaks Designs on Etsy just two days before the festival. . .the ones listed were green, and I would have bought them online (same price), but I wanted more colors. At the festival, there was also a lone bag of red ones, sitting there looking at me like a puppy that has just found it's new owner. . .what could I do? I am powerless against the puppy-dog eyes!

I mean, just look at them. . .full of promise for future knitting projects. . .I know just what I am gonna do with these - squeeee!
And for the finale (remember, Pretty needs another hobby like she needs a hole in her head), Michelle and I decided to pick up needle felting kits from Big Springs Farm, to make Christmas ornaments for this year's tree! Why not? I mean, it's fiber and it looks like fun, I'm going to see if I like it!
And, just in case I DO like it, I also picked up an extra felting needle (the kit comes with a one-needle tool, I got a 4-needle tool as well) and an extra cookie cutter (like I don't have a million cookie cutters at home already) from Big Springs, and 8-$1 balls of colorful fluffy wool from Valhalla Acres Fiber Farm to felt with!
Then I laid everything out last night to take a few photos for the blog, after a day of work and shopping for Peanut and shopping for food and cleaning up and putting everything away for the weekend, and Sweetie poured me a small glass of sangria. . .yummy and sweet!
So there you have it. There's the yarn, and fiber, and toys, and all of the promise of new projects to be started. What should I work on first today? Hmmm. . .

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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  1. Yay for yarn, goodies, and friends! When are we going to have our needle felting day?!?!

    for some reason your blog won't let me post using my google profile anymore...weird...