Saturday, October 10, 2009

Living on Lightning and String Cheese...

I don't know what has happened over the last couple weeks, but my Saturdays seem to have taken on a life of their own! My kids grew up and moved out (for the most part), and I have actually gotten BUSIER! Haha! I guess at least I am not walking around in a daze, wondering who I am after all these years of mothering...that's a good thing! Sometimes I am walking around wondering who the Hubster is...or who he has become (!)...but for the most part, I know who I am and I like me! So...Yay! And the me that I like has many interests, probably at least one hobby too many, and lots of people around that build me up and keep me sane!

But on busy Saturdays like today, where I am not even near ready to sit and relax until after 8pm, I am so glad that I also have diet soda (Wal-Mart's version of Diet Mt. Dew) and string cheese! I love it for a non-crumbly snack when I am in front of the computer. They stay out of the keyboard, without all the calories of, say, Ben & Jerry's! lol

Just like last week, today was laundry and cooking, shopping and seeing friends, and today I had a bonus! I played with some new charms, crafted Friday night of polymer clay, made especially for a special order! It was so much fun! I had a special order for stitch markers with socks and hats, and this is what I came up with:

White, gym socks that can be "worn" with anything...the customer said she had no color preference for these (I have four, for stitch markers), so I will make them up with different colored seed beads, and they will look great on any sock-in-progress!

By the way, my Candy Cane Socks are still in progress. I have almost made it through a second repeat of the lace part on the leg, but no new photos. Sigh! But, they are getting there!

The other item I worked on last night was some hats for the other set of stitch markers. I have pictures, but they are even fuzzier than the sock pix, so I am not putting them up until the markers are made, and I can photograph them in natural light. I need every little help I can get to get good shots of this small stuff lately! My customer talked about a "set" of hats to use as markers while she was knitting hats, and I tried several. I had success with the stocking cap, beret, top hat, and baseball cap (BTW, the baseball cap turned out to be my personal will understand when I get a good shot of it!) I found out that I did not have the patience to make a cowboy hat yesterday. I may try again eventually, but on this scale, I just had to roll the "brim" part so thin that I had trouble making it do what I wanted it to do to look like a cowboy hat. Oh, well.

Also today, drumroll please! I finished A Mockery of a Sweater! I thought I had buttons, but the ones I was thinking of are too big, so I need to go shopping! Hehehehehehehehe...shooooppppping! Haha! And I did not get a new photo, because I still need to block it into submission...and buy buttons...but you can see the latest photo of the thing here. I will do my level best to have photos up for you by Wedesday, because I hope to wear the thing to work on Tuesday, I hope! I hope! I hope! I hope! I hope!

So today has been another good and busy Saturday. College Girl is home again, and she is doing well at school, we are very proud. I hope that you all have things in your life to be proud of, and that you are making the most of every moment you have!

Knit in good health!


  1. You just made me hungry for a little snack! I love the sweater and can't wait to see it with it's buttons on! Have fun on your quest for the perfect button!! I'm sure it will be a long, hard task- but I'm sure you will manage! ;)

  2. Yay for your finished Mockery!!!!! I can't wait to see it Thurs.!!!! I'm sure your having fun with all your polymer charms!

    OH BTW to you have a few yards of your gray from mockery that I could have to try a crochet steek on my Boku sweater when I get that far? (i have to ask now or I'll forget)