Saturday, October 3, 2009

And they called it Kitten Love...

"Awwww kitty love!"

That's what College Girl texted me after I sent her this photo, taken on my phone early on Friday!
The cats are finally all in on this relationship! Yay! The Big Cat is not as keen on the Little One as she will be in a few more days, but she allowed this! It's funny, they both like boxes...I thought it was strange that Chloe liked boxes...none of our other cats have...then Zoe...Zoe! Funny, funny Zoe! And she likes boxes, too! Go figure!

Today was a busy Saturday, and I am not finished yet, but I wanted to take a minute to blog. Busy is my best description of the day, but it was fairly typical for me...bacon and eggs breakfast for me and the Hubster; Laundry, mostly done by about 11am (I woke up at 7, true to form!):
There was some baking when the Hubster said he had a taste for Pumpkin Bread (turned out waayyyy yummy!):
While the bread was in the oven, the Hubster and I went for a little walk in the neighborhood. It was a perfect day for a walk...not to hot, not too cold, just a light breeze, and some of the trees are starting to turn. contented sigh!
And there was a little knitting. This is my Cardigan, based on the knittingfool's sweater wheel patterns. I have the fronts and backs and one sleeve done and pieced together, and it is great! Fits perfect! The only thing making me cringe a little is the way the pattern causes such a bias to the fabric. Once I finish and sew in the second sleeve, I am gonna block it into submission!
See, at the bottom of the picture, I have already started the second sleeve, and I am making steady progress. This is the longest I think I have ever knit on a sweater (fingering-weight yarn and all!), but I am still loving the process. I have not checked to be absolutely certain, but I think I even HAVE buttons for this in my current stash of buttons! Yay!
This afternoon, we also went to babysit the Puddle Jumpers, and that was, as always, pretty fun. Someday, when our kids give us grand kids, we are gonna have a blast with them! I hope they don't live too far away by then, but I guess that even if they do, it will just be a darn good excuse for us to travel a bit!
The last picture I took today was another "Kitty Love" shot! Here are the Big Cat and the Little Cat all curled up on every cat's favorite Dad! I hope that you have some cuddle time in your weekend too! As for me, I've still got a couple loose ends to tie up before I turn in. I will sleep well tonight, I am sure!

Knit in Good Health!


  1. AHH they are curled up together! They will be fast friend now! My cats LOVE boxes or anyother small spot they can curl up in!

    Love the sweater!!!

  2. I love the sweater- it looks great! Kitty love is so nice- I love how he's "parked in" so to speak!

  3. Kitty love is too funny! Also-I am a bit jealous of your laundry pile :) Can I send you some of mine please?

  4. aw, zoe is so cute! whats funny is that she almost looks like lucy since they are both black and lucy does that same curl-up-in-a-ball-next-to-me thing for a nap.
    -Lauren B.