Saturday, July 18, 2009

So much time. . .

. . .and so little to do!

Wait. . .no. . .strike that. . .reverse it!

But even though I am feeling a little under the gun with my time today, I wanted to make sure to blog! I am so excited about my current project, which will involve row counters with adorable little sweater charms! Polymer Clay Sweater Charms! (Google that. . .I come up as one of the top results! Uh-huh. . .I do!)

So, after last week's clay disaster, I almost decided that the clay was just not worth it. But then, being me, I could NOT let it whip me. So I took out clay this morning and made these:

Pretty stinkin' cute, huh? Yeah, I think so, too. They are part of a project I am working on, inspired by Alana of NeverNotKitting podcast fame! And as I was working with my new white clay (I figured something must have been wrong with the last block - it was sooooooo soft and sticky) I figured out what the problem was.

Translucent clay. . .probably used for it's soft- and stickiness. . .is what I was using for white. It was in the slot for white at the store. It looks white. I figured it was white. I should have read the label. Oh, well. I guess I will read up on the stuff and see what it is actually used for in a project. I still have some left, and I hate to waste! Still, it was quite the pain to work with! Ha-rumph!

So, that's what I did this morning. And soon I am off to a graduation party ('tis the season), and then stuff with the fam. I love my family. I will be sad when Army Son (aka my Darlin' Baby Boy) returns to his deployment in a couple days, and so will his Wifey-Poo.

So much to do. . .so little time. . .knit in good health!


  1. Those did indeed come out very stinkin' cute!! Love the stripey ones! (you know I already think the watermelon ones are adarable!)

  2. I love them. Don't you wish knitting a sweater was that quick to whip up? You're going to need to make lots more because I think these are going to be a hit.