Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Like a Heat Wave. . .

Well, summer finally arrrived in my corner of the state of Ohio, and I found out this week that the heat can really mess with my plans. . .especially if I am planning on working with clay! But, as I said on Wednesday, I did get a few pieces, including a couple Watermelon Sweaters (inspired by NeverNotKnitting's pattern for little girls):

And a few little white sweaters with pink trim, only because I got pink when the sticky red and white proved to be inseparable. . .still, not bad, I guess.

And then, out of frustration, I moved onto some beads. . .restored my faith, gave me hope and helped me to love myself again following the clay disaster. . . whew!

Eventually, all of these pieces (and more) will show up in the ETSY shop. . .stay tuned.

And then, there's the knitting. . .quite a bit, actually! This is a picture of my daughter's laptop bag (in progress) from knitting group on Thursday evening, and I am nearly done with the knitting tonight. . .all that's left is to taper the front flap, and knit the handle.
I think I will felt the handle when I get there. . .still deciding. . . I plan to line the bag, and add some inner pockets, and also line the handle to minimize stretching with use. It should be a great bag!

So that's my update for the weekend. Army boy is still here with Wifey-Poo, College Girl is doing the graduation party circuit, and our summer is going by so fast that I am trying not to blink!

Keep your eyes open, and knit in good health!


  1. Oh that watermelon sweater is so cute! As is the pink sweater! I to am wondering just where this summer is going!! Can't wait to see the finished laptop bag!

  2. I love those little sweaters. Too cute!!! Can't wait to see how the laptop bag turns out.