Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cast, Cast, Cast it on. . .

. . .and before you're through -
Bind it off and cut the yarn,
And weave the ends in too!

So, today has been a good one, for the most part. I finished a sock (Dawn's new design that I am test knitting) and cast on the second, and I cast on a messenger bag (and I also finished a market bag yesterday).

Then, I played with clay. . .but it was really too warm for clay, and I found myself frustrated. I threw away a LOT of sticky, stuck-together clay this afternoon. . .maybe I will save the clay play for winter! I did get 7 pieces that are passable. . .so I will see what I can do with that, but it was nothing like I saw in my head. Soooo, back to the knitting.

That Army guy is still here, and his PrettyKnittyMommy is still pretty happy about that. Today was a day to give him and his little Wifey-Poo some space, so I was in the basement most of the day, but I did get a couple pictures this morning:

And in with the flowers, while I taking pix of the sock, this busy little bee asked if I would do a portrait. Since he asked so kindly, I obliged.

I hope to work on some jewelry later, and I will post pics of that (and the clay pieces) in Saturday's blog!

Until then, knit in good health!

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  1. Love your bag, how much yarn did you end up using? The sock came out amazing! the colors of your yarn are awesome!