Saturday, May 16, 2009

These are the moments. . .

and, you don’t get these moments back, and you can’t make up for them later, so live them now.

Another short one. But, it’s been quite a day. The prom is tonight, now actually, and I am the mother of a high school senior who is a girl. She has spent hours in hair and makeup with her sister-in-law. We spent hours a few weeks ago finding the perfect dress and shoes. Today I spent a couple of hours knitting an evening bag for her to carry her little essentials in. And now she is at the dance, and I am left with the memory of the day while she makes memories of the evening. It goes by so fast!

Knit in good health and live all of your moments right now. . .


  1. OHH so pretty, She loooks gorgeous! I hope she has a wonderful evening!

  2. She really does look beautiful! I love her dress! And I love that you knitted her a bag to take along. What a mom you are!

  3. How Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a lovely memory with us

  4. She looks beautiful! :) I can remember going to prom my senior year... I had tons of fun :) wow... i can't believe that was 4 years ago!! You're right... live the moment... cuz they're gone in a flash!! :) Thanks for sharing!!