Saturday, May 9, 2009

M is for the many times . . .

The many times she what? Changed your diaper? Kissed a boo-boo? Packed your lunch? Gave you money? Listened to what you had to say? Taught you something new? Tolerated your bad attitude? Kissed you good-bye? Told you she loves you forever?

Well, I don’t think any of those things are part of the song, but I do think they all apply. Moms are often pretty amazing women. (Note: Dads are often pretty amazing guys, but Father’s Day isn’t until June.) As I was saying, Mom is quite a title, isn’t it? When we are kids, our moms are the ones who are there for the big things, and the little things. They pick us up and encourage us to try again, and they often do that while putting their own needs “on hold” for the better part of 18 – 25 years. Even so, having Mom around us all the time, we often miss what a big part of our life she is. . .I myself have ignored my mom, resented my mom, and occasionally ridiculed my mom for things that I now admire about her. Sorry, Mom.

So, is the title of “Mom” one to be coveted or one to be feared? A little of both, I’d say. I have mothered two human beings to adulthood (my youngest will graduate high school this spring), and I remember the fear like it was yesterday. . .how will I know that I am a good mother? How will I know what he/she needs? Will I know when to hover and when to back off? Will my kids think back to this time and admire the job I’ve done, or will they work through that time only with the help of a licensed professional?

Yet, here on the other side of the fear, is a pride like none other, the pride of a Mother who has raised two children to young-adulthood. The pride of seeing your child take his first steps. . .speak her first words. . .learn to use the potty “by myself”. . .ride his first bike. . .pass her first driving test. . .go on a first date. . .oh, the many joys of parenthood. I am so glad I have had this adventure in my life, and I look very much forward to the adventure of grand-parenthood as well (but I am not rushing anyone, trust me!).

So, as I look at the flowers my dear son had his dear wife send to his dear mother in time for tomorrow, I take this moment to reflect on what being a mom has meant to me.

Then I revel in the fact that my son and his dear wife were raised well enough by their moms that they have not forgotten these special ladies on Mother’s Day.

Today, I spent the day with my husband and his mom. It was a nice day, and we took a long drive in the country, stopping for a late lunch/early dinner at an Amish restaurant, and enjoying each other’s company. Here’s a shot of the shawl I knit her:
If you are a Mom, I wish you peace and love, no matter what Mother’s Day brings you.

If you are not a Mom, I hope you will take a moment to think about your Mom, and maybe give her a call if you can. I know you all have a Mom, so do your best to honor her, or her memory, this Mother’s Day.

Oh! And knit in good health!


  1. AWW so sweet! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!

  2. The shawl looks like angel wings in that appropriate for Mother's day, for what are we if not the guardian angels of our beloved children?!
    Happy Mother's day to all:)

  3. You have very lucky children and mother-in-law!