Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EEK! Is that. . .a MOUSE?!?

Silly, short post today! But silly and short are better than nothing, just ask anyone who is silly and short. . .like me! Ha ha ha!

So, lately my knitting life has been less than full. I have finished a pair of socks and a couple small projects, and I was all in a tizzy because I did not have a project to bring to Starbucks last night. But, there is a mommy at church who showed me a crocheted cradle purse she had received as a gift from a friend of her family. . .and it was yellow.

Now, I had a cradle purse when I was a little girl, and mine was white. My Grandma made it. They should always be white (or off white), you know! Aaaaand, this mommy has two tiny girls and a little boy. One cradle purse (as in 1. . .uno) just will not do. Since I had a pattern that I liked a bit, and since I have crocheted since I was 10, and since I made several cradle purses a few years back, and since I have an abundance of easy-care, acrylic yarn, I decided that this family needed some new toys.

Two Cradle Purses later I realized that I could NOT give a little boy a purse. Maybe a bag. . .maybe a toy tool bag. . .maybe. No! Wait! Ravelry! I searched crochet patterns for tiny toy animals, and I found one for a mouse. And I brought my yarn to the knitting meet-up, and made a little Mousie!

Sooooo cute! But, the “babies” had a cradle and a purse. Where would the mousie live? So, late last night I started, and I finished this morning. I wanted the thing to look like a mushroom, and the Mommy said it looks a little like an acorn. Either way, I’m cool with that.

And the kids like the new toys. And the Mommy likes the new toys. And all is well in my little corner of the planet! I hope it’s all good in your corner, too!

Knit in good health!


  1. Sooo cute! Almost makes me want to take up crochet...almost! I'm glad all is well again in your little corner. I know your hands are itchin' to be knitting socks! Tomorrow is the big day:) Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

  2. AWW so cute a housie for mousie!

  3. So cute - a great idea to make a mouse for the little boy, and I love the acorn/mushroom house!

  4. Pam! you came to see my blog! Thank you, and I appreciate your comments and tips about becoming comfortable with dpns. I LOVE my circulars and am going right back to them after finishing with the 00 I need for the ribbing. If it ever gets done...