Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Come on World, there’s a sock that we’re knittin’!

C’mon get happy!
sigh - Ravelry-friendly David Cassidy?

I am pretty happy with my latest KAL sock for the Cleveland Knits West group over on Ravelry! It’s the Mad-Color Weave Socks by Tina Lorin! And this yarn, I love this yarn! Knit Picks Bare merino/nylon fingering! I have used this yarn before, and I have always loved the way things turn out!

And the colors. . .did I mention that I dyed the yarn? Well, I did! With Easter Egg dyes!. . .and I love the colors! I wanted some $30 yarn I saw in a shop, but I just could not justify the purchase with a skein of Bare sitting at home. . .so I gave it a go. . .not too shabby, eh!

And this pattern. . .well, it’s a bit fussy, but well worth it!. . .I love this pattern! And the socks are coming out pretty fan-tastic! So, I am pretty happy. Note: I skipped the heel shaping in the pattern in favor of my fave heel-turn. . .my eyes were starting to cross, so I had to do it!

Next up? I mean after the socks. . . Well, more crocheted pocket friends (see 5/13 post), and I have been choosing gender-neutral baby sweater patterns because all those women at church are pregnant! Again! Oh, my! I will not drink the water at church. . . I will not drink the water at church. . . I will not drink the water at church. . . I will not drink the water at church. . . After the baby sweaters, who knows?!

“Oh the places you will go!,” said Dr. Seuss.
Ravelry-friendly version: Oh, the projects you will knit! (or crochet!)

Knit in good health!


  1. Love that sock and the yarn, they really are a perfect match!

  2. Booteeful!
    Wish my dye jobs were that pretty...