Saturday, July 30, 2016

No Boundaries

In a world of baby gates and outlet covers, our granddaughters are learning the wonderful truth about grandparents this visit (and every visit, really!)

With grandparents, there are no boundaries.

Much to your parents' chagrin, grandparents will let you have donuts and pop tarts for breakfast, every day even...

Grandparents will put the pool and kiddie toys in the front yard, early in the morning...

Grandparents will take you on an impromptu visit to a horse farm, just because it was mentioned in an afternoon visit...

Grandparents will let you play with indoor toys outside...

Grandparents will drive an hour to Amish Country for lunch, stopping to let you see the ducks and feed them right out of your hand...before and after lunch!

And grandparents will think this is funny:

Yes, that is hilarious! Even when I was the one putting her to bed, and I had to put her back to bed 4 times last night, it was still funny! (As long as no one gets hurt, and she did not.)

"Who are you people???," Dollface and Mork have occasionally asked since these angels came into our lives. "You never let US do any of that stuff!"

As a bonus thought, and because this is a knitting blog, I will add that if your grandma knits, she may even make you a magical sweater with a kitty that is sometimes there...

...and sometimes not!

And you can pick out your own buttons!!!

By the way, there is a red ladybug, an orange heart, a blue flower, a pink circle and a chicken. Yep. A boundaries!

Well, I've got some baby-wranglin' to tend to, friends, now that she is uncontainable (in the pack'n play anyway) so I'll sign off here! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your Saturday's a good one!

Knit in Good Health!

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  1. I'll be looking for her on the gymnastics team for the 2032 Olympic games!