Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Experimental Update

The Experimental Sweater is coming right along, so I thought I'd pop in to let you know how it's going. First of all, I love the way the variegated yarn is creating vertical, wavy lines of light and dark. 

Second, I love the fabric...a little lace, a little texture...yum!...and the drape is fantastic! Third, 6 rows into skein #4, the length is just about 16", which is further than I thought I'd be at this point...which means that I may be able to have a wider border, and/or a small sleeve...the possibilities are so exciting!

Lastly...if I am already at 16", the body of this sweater is way past halfway done. This may be the most exciting part of all! (Squeee!) In fact, it's probably too exciting for the average weekday morning, so I will stop writing here, and get on with this Wondrous Wednesday! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that your Wednesday is Wonderful, and that all of your experimental knitting ends in success!

Knit in Good Health!

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