Saturday, December 12, 2015

Party Time!

I know that you have enjoyed the ornament posts, and I promise you three ornaments today even, but first let's take a break to talk about the annual

I know, right?!? I can hardly believe that it's that time again! But judging by the decorations, it is!

The knitters' annual Christmas party is my favorite party of the year! (Well, Festivus with the knitters is a close second, but there are no presents at Festivus...)

The stocking stuffers are a hit, not just with the knitters, but also with our families! I heard that my Dollface was not the only one who said to her knitter, "So, show me the haul! What'd you get?" And this is part of my haul...

But the best part of the party is the company

Well, the company AND the food! These gals know how to put out a spread!

It was rumored that the hot cocoa was spiked, but Mr. Brenda's wifi passwords are...ummm...complicated, so we all connected our electronics before that first trip to the kitchen! (This is an important step when someone decides to put in an impromptu group order to Simply Socks Yarn Co during the party!)

Then it was knit, knit, knit!

And laugh, laugh, laugh!

Since some of us have been knitting socks all year long, 

of course there was the annual sock picture!

And opening stocking stuffers!!!

(Here comes the ornament part...)
The stuffers you can't see in the photo of my haul are three new ornaments for my tree! A snowflake...

A new sheep...

Another new sheep!

Three new ornaments, numbers 4, 5 and 6 for the blog, on my tree! I am such a lucky knitter! But you know, even as much as I love the ornaments, the edibles and all the other stuffers, one knitter blew us all away this year...

Jenny gave us WORDS! (Even some adult only words...which, truthfully, embarrassed me a little, so I put them away...but not until we all had a really good laugh watching Diana and Alice make silly sentences!) 

At knitting, on Thursday, I had a go at organizing my words...turns out that magnetic words are harder to manage than the ones in my head. The most difficult words to manage, however, are always the ones coming right out of my mouth! 

These tiny magnet words are So.Much.Fun! I can't wait to start writing my next book with them! As the Christmas party wound down, we laughed and ate until most of the food was gone...

Then we all went back to regular life, with the usual "hustle and bustle" of the season. But every time I look at my tree, I see three new ornaments that remind me that life should be a party!

I hope that you have at least one holiday gathering that you look forward to every year, and that you have good friends that make you laugh. I know that I do, and I thank all of you for your generous gifts and for the time we spend together. As we head right into the heart of the season, I wish you joy and love and knitting without any dropped stitches! (But if you do happen to drop a stitch, Jenny has given you some words for that!)

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit in Good Health!

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