Saturday, October 24, 2015

Small Bites

As I look through my Ravelry projects page, I notice something...apparently, I like to knit in small bites! You've seen the blocks (I'm up to 11)

and of course the hexipuffs (I'm up to 186!) and 8 tiny mittens (I also knit multiples much of the time, and there will be more mittens, blocks and hexipuffs).

As I look at the multiple, small bites of my knitting, I see lots of toys in the mix, why should my newest FOs be any different? Of course they should not, and they are not. Allow me to present  to you the Little Family!

This started as a gift for my physical therapist. You see, after my appointment last week (still working out that new hip - 12 weeks, woo-hoo!), I heard on the radio that October is National Physical Therapy Month. I did nothing to check out the validity of that claim...I know that there's a holiday for everything these I just took it at face value, and I started knitting a small version of my physical therapist. 

Wouldn't he get a kick out of that? Or would he be totally freaked out by it...? Stalker much? o_0 

Perhaps it is a little weird to receive a tiny, knitted likeness of yourself from a patient. What would make it less weird? Perhaps if I included his wife. So I did.

Nope. Still pretty weird. BUT, I know that he has a 2-year-old (I've knitted a couple things for the little guy already, a soccer ball last summer, and a football this year), and they have a tiny girl on the, I just knitted the whole family. Not quite as weird. Still a little odd, but I've already set the precedent of the knitted gift(s) for his kids, so this is now just a variation on a theme. A variation on two or three themes, considering that the Little Family also falls into the "small bites" and "multiples" themes of my project page! Here they are, ready to be gifted:

So, there you have it! My weird and wonderful knitting, in small bites and multiples, this week! Oh, and I've finished the alphabet-ed mittens (which you might have noticed in some of the pictures above, but here's a pic where they are the "star")!

That means it's time to finalize my plan and start the matching baby, I gotta go! I'm so glad that you stopped by, and I hope that your weekend finds you Knitting in Good Health!

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  1. Oh my gosh. The little family is so cute!! And you already know how I feel about the mittens :-)