Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Pattern-day!

That's right! Today is the day! I have written up the FREE instructions for my Squishy Baby Blocks, and the pattern is live on Ravelry (and here)

You've seen the blocks on my project page, and in the blog, and now you can make your very own! There is no gauge or yardage listed in the pattern, because this one is really good for scraps. I used worsted yarn with 4mm needles, but that's really just a suggestion. Use what works for you. Well, maybe try to get about 5 sts/in if you want to follow the pattern exactly, but you only need a small amount of yarn for each block. 

All in all, my hope is that you get creative and have some fun with these. Even beginners can go crazy, because there isn't anything fancy going knitting in the round, no increases or decreases, no fancy pattern or texture, just knits and purls, and very little counting. So little stress and so much fun...WHY AREN'T YOU KNITTING YET???

Oh, I haven't given you the link...riiiight. Well, here it is: Squishy Baby Blocks, a free download from Ravelry, and here is a link to go to a copy of the pattern via Google Docs: Squishy Baby Blocks

So NOW what are you waiting for? Go make some blocks! You know you want to...

Thanks for stopping by, and Knit Squishy Baby Blocks in Good Health!

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